I have had 4 dreams where my son has visited me. I did not write these down and do not have dates when they occurred, unfortunately.
The first one was around 6 months after he passed. I was having a dream that didn’t have anything to do with him, I was at an outdoor carnival or concert, in a large parking lot. At a certain point in the dream, he came up from behind me and hugged me. He was around the age when he passed (22 years old). It was short, and I don’t remember getting a good look at him, but I knew it was him and felt the love.

The second dream he was probably around 8-10 years old and we were in our finished basement where he used to have his computer set up. This time I was facing him and again we hugged. The feeling of love was immense.

The third dream I was in another room and heard my deceased son talking to my other son about a science project he had done. In the dream I couldn’t really hear the words he was saying, but I knew he was talking. He wasn’t trying to tell me anything. I just remember coming into the room he was in and hugging him.

The fourth dream I was in the basement of my childhood home with my 3 other children, playing pool or something, and I saw my son sitting up on top of a ledge or some sort of cabinet, around the height of my eyes. I walked over to him, he reached down, and we clasped hands, interlocking our fingers. This was the strongest feeling of love I have felt and the feeling stayed with me for a couple of weeks.

It’s really hard to explain these experiences. They were definitely different than any other dreams that I’ve had throughout my life. The first dream or two made me sad when I woke up and realized that he indeed was not physically with me anymore. But as the dreams continued, and I had the fourth one, the sadness was less strong upon waking, and the wonderful, inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of love was much stronger so that it stayed with me for quite a while.