Susanne S.

At age 12, I was sking and trying to hold on to a forcefully spinning blue nylon tow rope going uphill. The spiral spin caused the knotted scarf to become tighter and tighter around my neck until it asphyxiated me while I hung the entire way up the ski hill. Trying to get the scarf loose caused me to let go of the rope and I was hung by my neck until reaching the top of the hill. I do not know anyone who has survived a hanging and certainly not for that long period of time. It was the 1970’s and there were no safety shut-off mechanisms for the lift. My head struck every pole on the way up the hill. I remember the moment I lost consciousness. I was lying on the ground after striking the booth with my head and body. There was a small cut out hole in the booth where the rope went in and out of. There was nobody at the booth.

Then someone approached with great light. I thought it was my Dad at first because I began to feel so much love and trust. There were also two Beings with Him. He held out his most beautiful hands. These hands I will never forget how they looked and felt. They lifted me up and carried me. I call the two Beings ‘Angels’ and they wore what looked like workbooks. One book had the laces untied.

I felt no pain, at peace, and my body was full of love. The light filled me with answers that I was thinking and feeling. The communication between myself and the Beings was instant, complete, and without any confusion. The outer appearance was shown but quickly the inner beauty is seen and impresses much more so it became the focus at times. We arrived to a place that appeared much like here. We were met with others who looked official in knowledge. They wore same eyes of cloaks. They could not answer as to why I kept requesting to return. Others arrived and also wore similar cloaks but different colors. It seemed to require a higher and higher level answer for my request to return. It was made known that they wished me to stay. They glided as they walked. It was so much like here just so beautiful. I did not realize that they had me meet someone who seemed to have been called upon for very specific puropses. He had me study his face. I knew he communicated it was very important to study it as he showed me places that contained levels of knowlege. Everything had a perfect system, design and purpose, which was understood. Despite being there longer and longer, I did not stop asking to go back. This was despite the overwhelmingly beautiful love I felt.

I requested to return again. A hand reached through the mountains and clouds and touched me. He who brought me, I call Jesus. It touched Jesus and me and gave me permission to go back. I was made to understand that I would return with much pain but not to be frightened. I agreed.

Upon returning I saw the blood as I lay in the snow. It took over 45 minutes for someone to get to the top of the hill. My parents did not approach because they thought I was dead and disfigured. My grandparents said no one should see their child like that. They waited for a volunteer security guard to drive me to NY hospital. there was no 911 or cell phones. It was a blizzard and we had no car we were on foot. I arrived at hospital with skin torn off my neck, bleeding, and lumps on the sides of my temporal lobes of my head. The nuns called me a miracle and were going to put a plaque up in the hospital. Many came to view me. It was talking, completely aware, and conscious of everything. I was sutured and unsure of this strange paralysis.

Eventually, I returned home. Within a few weeks I walked by myself. It was yet again another miracle. Keeping it secret as my mother requested until she died in 2010, I began to write the story in seclusion. I have made many decisions and had quite a life after this experience. The faith and love that I received in every cell of my body has never left and has grown and matured more and more. I became a nurse, never speaking of this experience. I gained both scientific and spiritual knowledge.