I was in a wonderful, extremely bright white light. There was no time or dimension. It was very clear but not dazzling; the light was good. The light was everywhere and at the same time full of love and happiness. It’s hard to describe with human words because the human world seems to me now so small and limited. Where I was, there existed everything you need for happiness. It was good emotionally; I did not feel any pain or depression which I had been suffering before this event. Everything was so good and awe-inspiring at the same time, but not amazingly complex. On the contrary, it seemed to me that I belonged to this world and it was quite natural that I should have found it in August, when I did.

I remember the moment when ‘I returned’ to this body. I did not want that. I wanted to stay there, where there was love and the vastness of good. My body was full of pain and such. Everything after returning seemed to me small and limited. Things hurt. Even every heartbeat which you never thought about was associated with pain. It hurt me too much in the left hemispheres of the brain, with an ophthalmic migraine (migraine ophtalmique fra.) The tubing they placed in my nose for oxygen made my nose ache. I was not happy. I felt that I was wrong to return. In the first few moments, everything was mingled. For instance, the time when I was unconscious and the present. However, I was and am sure it happened; it was not a dream. It really happened. I had and I still have sometimes beautifully colorful dreams but the difference between them and an NDE is not comparable. I was there and no one can convince me otherwise.