It was a Sunday afternoon, my mother had died a year earlier, and we had been raised by our paternal aunt.

As on every Sunday we went to hear mass in a church near our house.

I remember that day being very hungry and our financial siruation wasn’t very good, so that the only thing I could eat was bread and butter, and 2 hard boiled eggs. I remember that my aunt said to me not to eat the two hard boiled eggs because it would damage my liver (they used to make my liver poorly when I was young)

But I never listened and we went to mass.

About 10 minutes after eating we arrived at the church and barely entering it, I felt ill, with headaches, and feeling very nauseous. I said to my aunt that I was feeling bad but she didnt believe me and said it was just because I didn’t want to go to church. I tried again three more times and it seemed she had noticed my poorliness, and said to me that we were leaving. Up to this point I could see clearly, my visual field darkened little by little, as if I was closing my eyes, a thing that I didn’t do, and there appeared many black dots, as if I had rubbed my eyes intensely. Everything was blurred, and I remember that in the church doorway on the point of leaving I fainted.

This part was strange. I fainted with my eyes closed, and on opening them again, I saw myself, and my aunt together with two men trying to wake me, all of this I saw from above, I was floating some 3 metres above them. I didn’t feel anything special

I didn’t feel the air that would have blown around me as I was flying. Thirty or forty seconds passed while I was up there, and it was like opening my eyes after a dream, because in an instant I was in my body, and they were helping me. I felt myself again, I walked like I normally did, without difficulties or anything. And everyone thought that I had faked it to avoid going to mass.

I told my aunt later that night, and she just said that bile came up, due to eating things that were damaging my liver, and that what I felt was just a part of my fainting / fading.