Zac S.

After I was being rushed to the hospital, my perspective seemed to split between my body and a third-person, bird’s eye view. As time went on, my own consciousness began to drift further and further from my body. I saw the ambulance driving down the highway, and I felt as though my consciousness was leaving Earth.

What happened next, I can barely describe. I was in the hospital at this point, and they were giving me a saline IV to dilute the lithium levels in my blood. I witnessed two outcomes from outside my body. One was I, dying in the hospital bed, and being examined in the morgue. My mother came in the room to identify my body and began weeping profusely. They put a yellow tag on my foot, and then pushed the table back and closed the door. Then, I saw another perspective. Some unearthly Being, I can only describe as angelic, showed me all of my life’s actions so fast that my physical mind could barely process it. It showed me my cycles of mistakes and the things I’d done that were good and bad. It showed me how to break the cycles.

Then I was shown a landscape that was in the farthest reaches of outer space, maybe somewhere outside the universe. It appeared as a cosmic game board between two opposing entities, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil, Male and Female, nature and industry. After witnessing this, I was essentially told that this conflict didn’t matter and that ultimately one thing would overcome this timeless dance. Then I was taken to what I believe to be the edge of existence. Time did not exist here. There was just infinite light, unconditional endless love, nirvana, and ultimate eternal bliss. There was also light and color that I’d never seen before. Before I could enter it though, a Being stopped me. It was made of light with thousands of geometries and covered in eyes. When it spoke, it sounded like millions of sincere, loving laughs. It extended what I thought was an arm and I woke up in the hospital bed.

I slowly began to regain normal consciousness but could barely speak. I pulled one of the doctors aside and tried to get them to tell me the word I needed to say, the reason for my return to life, and the true name of God. That word was ‘Love.’ As soon as I said that, I returned to nearly a completely normal state of consciousness. I was taken upstairs, given food and a sedative to help me sleep. I woke up the next day feeling renewed and reborn, like a phoenix from ashes. I have been the most serene I have been in my entire life ever since this experience. Despite the darker parts of my near death experience, it was all worth it. Now, my intuition is incredibly good. Sometimes it seems as if I can see the future. My ‘gut feelings’ are always right, even if I ignore them about little things. I feel so much love, forgiveness, and compassion even for those who seek to do harm to me. I am thankful for this sacred experience and it has forever altered the course of my life.