On the day of my experience I was at work. It was around 16:00 pm. An emergency occurred to which I had to react. So I was running towards the room where the problem to solve was happening. It was there that I felt my heart spinning out of control, the more, my breathing became more and more difficult, I started to run out of air. I then said to myself that, as soon as I was ready with the emergency that made me running, I would go to the nearest telephone to ask for help.

I was running out of air but I continued with my work. My heart was still beating, but I still continued to run out of air due to my aortic valve not working anymore. There was no blood circulation to get oxygenated. So, having finished my work, I decided to head for a telephone to ask for help, but too late. Hardly had I done a few steps that I went down on my knees. At that moment an office colleague came into the room and saw me. He asked me if I was okay, but I was unable to answer him because I had no air left.

I spent a short while in blackness because during the experience time doesn’t seem to exist. I felt myself rising as if I was in an elevator. At the beginning I was in blackness and then rose to be in a wonderful park. Everything was beautiful, really beautiful. More so, where people were there. All seemed happy and well. They didn’t pay any attention to me. I felt very well. There was no pain, not warm nor cold and I felt no fear at all. I simply felt good, as I never had felt before. I took the opportunity of the moment to observe. Then I asked myself what I was doing there. Immediately I got a multitude of answers. I remembered that I was at work before being at this place. I also remembered a book of Dr. Moody that I had been reading when being 13-14 years old, ‘Life after life’. And it was at that moment that I became aware of my death. I was having an NDE! At that moment I was thinking at my young children and I told myself that I didn’t want to die. I pleaded and insisted.

At the same moment, I came to. I was groggy, felt cold, a feeling of tingling, I tried to get up by myself, when my office colleague summoned me to remain down on the ground, and the paramedics arrived. According to my colleague, when he found me, I was blue. Following this incident they performed surgery on the open heart in order to replace my aortic valve, per the Ross method.

Since this experience I have no fear of death anymore. I’m also not in a hurry, I have my family. I’m also praying, what I didn’t do before. I’m asking things from my guardian angel, from God and the deceased who are fulfilling my wishes, in their ways. I also didn’t do that before. It is true that this is changing us. I’m happier, I appreciate things more.