My wife and I were in a motorcycle accident. I do not remember the event. My injuries were severe with traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, back, and pelvis injuries. She was wearing a helmet and I was not.

What I remember was that I was looking at a glowing figure. At first, I thought it was me. I remembering thinking, ‘How is my wife? If she passes, there is no need for me to stay.’ I heard, ‘Honey, she is going to be alright let them take care of you’. Since I was reassured that she was going to be ok, I was happy. I believe the voice was my wife’s mother who spoke to me.

It was the first thing I share with my wife when I became conscious four weeks laters. Her mother spoke to me and I knew she was going to be ok. It has been fifteen years and I can still clearly see the glowing being. I sometimes question how true this was this experience. Even with all the questions, I still think it did happen.