I have been living in Australia for about 13 years. I was home alone because I asked my wife to go and buy me a diet coke. The store was 300 metres away from home. I estimated she would have been back in about 15 minutes.

I tried to kill myself by strangulation. There was terrible pain. My eyes were bulging from the blood in my eyes. The neck was bleeding at the time due to the hold of the long string.

My passing over was immediate. I found myself in a place of light and brightness. I was submerged in white light. I was seeing myself from different angles. When I arrived to that place, I found myself with hands open down along the legs. I was amazed at that time by the place I was in. There was a stair with walls lit by white light. I felt the stairway was narrow and I immediately refused to climb it up. In that instant, I thought, ‘Here is GOD. The stair is narrow. Therefore my Lord, I’m a sinner. I don’t feel the strength with me. I’m afraid of you.’ I began to go up the first two steps. It was all brightness. I could feel my consciousness come back and found myself lying on the floor of the bedroom.

I removed the long string and started breathing again with great difficulty. After a while, I could breath better. Half an hour later, my eyes began to get back into their socket. I began to psychologically relax.