It was on a summer evening outside a neighborhood bar, where all the youth met for the evening. The event happened following a discussion about the possibility to put somebody to sleep in squeezing his rib cage. Thee were four of us. The first friend tried it without any results. Then came my turn and I did what the friend, who talked to us about it. He was about 25 years old and had done it already.

It was then that I found myself somewhere else. I was in a kind of tunnel in the middle. There was nothing around except this open tunnel that was very luminous and not at all stifling. The tunnel got brighter and brighter as I got closer to the end of the tunnel. As I got to the end, there were at least three silhouettes of Beings. I could not see them in detail or enough to know who they were. They were simply Beings that I will call Beings of light. All of them were beneficial. The were upright at the end and were waiting for me. They were not moving, doing anything, or talking. But they had been there for me, ready to welcome me. I remember that there was one silhouette in front that was bigger than the others. They all were light, but perfectly distinct from this surrounding light, which was of an unspeakable brightness; not at all blinding but rather soothing. This place had nothing comparable with what I know. I felt that I was in a soothing, welcoming, and positive place. I felt good.

Suddenly I regained consciousness. A friend had been slapping me as I lay stretched out on the ground. I exclaimed, ‘But why did you wake me up, you should have left me. I felt good!’

I told them everything and they thought that I had been dreaming.

I never felt so good in my whole life; this moment changed my life. It helps me every day and keeps me from doing any harm. The experience gives me strength to continue living, despite the trials. I never again feared death as I know now what awaits me. I was 18 years old at the time and never heard about NDE. For years, I never spoke about all this, except very rarely with my close relations. It was only years later that I heard about NDEs and understood that I was not the only one who experienced this. Others have experienced this over the span of human history.