I became aware about this recurrent dream at the around age 8. Everything started when I was researching dream meanings around the age of 13. I was searching for answers into a dream that I had almost every day. As I became aware that I needed to find answers, each time I discovered something, I woke up with a strange sensation. After all this research and talking with serious people as well as people who were close to me, our conclusion was that I had an NDE experience.

So I’m going to explain it in detail and you can judge by yourself if you want, and I’m thanking you in advance for this.

In 1964, I was stricken with a disease called TOXICOSIS. I was vomiting everything I swallowed whether it was solid or liquid. I was dying from being dehydrated and underfed, especially at 6 month of age. One evening, I was in a very bad shape. The doctor was asking for a permanent nurse, without much hope. During the night, I died three times. My heart stopped three times for more than 50 seconds each time. It was the nurses on duty who made me come back.

In what I believed at the time was a dream, I was in a tunnel or in a very empty and extremely lighted room. I saw silhouettes, and I heard them murmur but I wasn’t scared. I saw a door made from a magnificent wood that I tried to reach and pull the handle to open it. Each time when I thought to pull the handle, I was brutally pulled back. This happened three times in a row, and each time I woke up at precisely that moment.

At the beginning of my ‘research’ there was no internet, so I did it with the means available like the library, specialized magazines, and I met people who were open on this subject. Then I had a moment of discovery when reading ‘LIFE AFTER LIFE’ by Raymond Moody. I thought to myself, ‘That’s it!’ I think that the three failed trials to open the door are the three times when the nurses brought me back here. The silhouettes and murmurs could have been the nurses. I believe the door could have led to Paradise? When I finally found an explanation to this ‘dream’, I’m not quite sure about what to call it, perhaps a sleeping memory. But when I named it, I stopped having the dream. Still, from time to time I have the impression of reliving it, yet the memory is hazy.

A last thing, if I waited so long to testify, it’s that I feel the need to do it. But above all, that despite all those accounts that I was hearing about, I have no knowledge about a baby of 6 months having an experience like this.