I traveled to the beach in Japan with friend. A typhoon was off the coast causing high surfs with five rows of breakers. I decided to try to dive through all five rows and then body surf back to beach. After diving through the first two breakers, I got caught in a spot where the waves were breaking on me and taking me to the bottom. This happened over and over until I was too tired to fight to the surface. I felt sure I was going to drown and was thinking how heartbroken my Mother was going to be when she got news of my death.

I could not understand why I started to feel this overwhelming peace; in fact, it was the most peaceful feeling I had ever experienced. About this time I noticed an oval about five feet wide with three female spirit-beings looking out. I could feel unconditional love coming from them. I understood that my home was with them. I wanted to go with them, not caring if I died.

At that moment, I floated up to the surface and no waves were crashing down on me. I could get a breath. Each wave after that, washed me toward the shore. My buddy ran up shouting, ‘I thought you drowned!’ I laid in the surf for several minutes before I could get up. I never told anyone about my experience for many years. At the time I was ashamed that I wanted to die and saw that as a weakness .