At approximately 5:00 pm on 10-10-2014 something happened. It was like an explosion in my head and body. I was very light headed, sweating profusely and weak. A little before 7:00 pm, a neighbor and my wife got me to the hospital. They rushed me into the emergency room and hooked me up to all their electronic instruments. They found that my pulse was 20 beats per minute (bpm). The nurses started hooking me up to IV’s and trying to get blood from my arms but my veins had collapse in my arms. I was told I had a Heart Block, meaning that something was wrong with the electrical system in my heart and it was not sending the correct signals. After a short time, my pulse started to come up. When it got to 56 bpm, I flat-lined. I don’t know how long I was in that state; I heard afterwards that it was anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds. My heart started back on it’s own before they could get the paddles on me.

While I was gone, I don’t know if I had a near death experience or my brain was doing something.

While in that state, I was in a Black Void. I was at peace with everything and was not afraid.

The next thing was that I was looking at the ceiling and nothing made sense; everything was jumbled until the ceiling finally came back into focus . The first thing I said was, ‘What Happened!’ They told me that I had flat-lined and they were going to install a temporary pacemaker.

From here on for the rest of the night, I was in a daze and have no reference of time. They installed a temporary pacemaker at approximately 9:00 pm through the groin. Then I went to the intensive care unit for the rest of the night. At 11:00 am on 10-11-14 I was in surgery again for my permanent pacemaker. They removed the temporary pacemaker. On Sunday at 2:00 pm I came home. If the hospital didn’t have the rule that they put you in a wheelchair, I could have walked out because that is how good I felt.