Amy C.

I remember being in a vanilla, pink-colored, and misty tunnel. I could hear the prayers of people. Some of the people I knew, like my youngest son. Many people I didn’t know. But these prayers I could hear them individually and as a whole at the same time. They were also displayed like a silver audio play-button on a sound file as I passed through this tunnel. I could reach out and touch these files and hear them. It was an overwhelming feeling of love and caring.

After passing through this tunnel, I entered a wooden-paneled waiting room with a small square window in it. The window was two feet square and had an indescribably bright white light shining through it. In this waiting room with me were three bright-light spirits that resembled starlight. They were brightest of star light that you could imagine. I knew I was not staying there and that I was being returned. The three spirits were keeping me company until I was returned. I kept looking at the bright light shining through the window and at three spirits with me. I remember feeling so calm and wanting to go with the spirits into the light shining through the window.

I woke up a few minutes later in an icy hospital bed. About twelve hours had passed. I had a tube in my throat and my hands had large bandages on them. I tugged on the tube in my mouth, unsure of what it was. I started to use sign language but with my hands in these bandages, no one could have seen my hands wildly gesturing. I was alone in this room at the time. A nurse finally came in and asked if I knew where I was.. Unable to answer because of the tube in my throat and hands covered, the look on my face must have told her I had no idea of where I was. She explained I was in the hospital and that a helicopter had brought me in the night before. She said she would remove the tube and let my family know I was awake. She told me that they could explain where I was and what had happened.