There was internal bleeding. I know it was dangerous. ” “I got an ovarian cyst, and it turned out to be serious. During the preparations for the operation I asked the doctors if everything was going to be alright. They answered, ‘Are you worried?’ I thought, I’m afraid, but I’ll hope for the best.

During the operation, I suddenly felt an unbelievable relief, lightness, and weightlessness. Prior to this I heard someone saying that there was a lot of blood. Then I stopped breathing, and the thought came to me that dying is not at all scary or painful like my fears since childhood.

At this time, one of the doctors cried out that I wasn’t breathing and that I needed immediate intubation. The word ‘intubation’ was not in my vocabulary before this. Then there was a lapse where I don’t remember anything, and then I remember a woman saying that the suture had to be done carefully since I was young and thin and the muscles of my abdomen needed room to stretch. Then they took me to a recovery room.

The doctor who had operated came up to me and said that the surgery was successful, that I had really given them a scare, and that she was very surprised by what??? Then I remember what had happened, and a nurse later confirmed that I had stopped breathing.

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