Bart F.

I had been extremely ill with food poisoning and what was thought to be measles. Later, it was determined to be Scarlett Fever. I had a number of days without holding food or water. I was VERY nauseated and disoriented. My mother and friend of same age were watching over me through the event. Without any awareness of time, I found myself in a void. There was really NOTHING: no fear, no danger, and nothing but the distinct thought that I was not ‘in Kansas anymore.’ I was aware that there was a decision to be made. My initial impression was this decision was that of God, but as I pondered the possibility of not reaching adulthood it really became my decision. BOOM! I’m hearing my mother say, ‘Oh my God, he’s not breathing!’ She was not able to drive, so she carried me a half mile to the nearby hospital. I was in and outside of my body through most of that. The doctor immediately iced my body because it was at a temperature of around 108° F. I was in a lot of pain. The doctor seemed awfully pleased when he realized I was conscious, albeit barely conscious given my health condition. The following months brought hair loss and deep ridges that grew out of my nails indicating protein synthesis had ceased. I had minor brain damage. For example: I could write beautiful cursive but lost that ability after the fever. Most other little inconsistencies eventually returned but I still can’t write English cursive; although I can write in Arabic without issue. Weird but that is the only lasting effect.