Catura J.

It was late that night when my friend called her mom to come pick us up from the movie theater. I remember waving goodbye to my friends as we were pulling away. My friend’s mom told me to put on my seat belt. Prior to that night, I had hardly worn my seatbelt. That is the last thing I remember before my accident occurred. I only know now about my accident from what I heard from my parents about what happened when they arrived at the scene. It was about a block away from my house. I was riding in the back seat when my friend’s mom made an illegal U-turn at a four way stop. The car that hit us had run a red light and was going about 60 miles an hour. His car hit the backside of the car where I was sitting. I do not remember the wreck whatsoever.

I do remember being in a beautiful and comforting place. But I didn’t know how I got there. There was a nice pool there where I was looking at myself in physical form, but I was separate from my body. I saw myself when I was about 8 years old and having fun jumping into the pool. After this, it wasn’t as if I was talking. It was more telepathic when my soul (or whatever I was in that moment) asked, ‘Where am I?’ I knew someone was beside me, although I couldn’t see him or her physically. They responded, ‘You’re in heaven now, you can do whatever you want.’ I remember looking at myself at the pool, and perhaps I reconnected into my body in a short moment. But I was in the pool when all of the sudden the monkeys from the movie ‘Jumanji’ started attacking my legs or moving them, but I had no fear. I was at peace. It was very peaceful there. There aren’t really words to describe the feeling other than I didn’t have a worry in the world.

I had another instance that happened after that and I think it happened when I was in a coma, but I can’t be sure. I was riding on a school bus that resembled the magic school bus from an old cartoon. The first scene was a wide shot of the bus driving like an establishing shot in a movie. The view then cut to me inside the bus with Jesus. There were many animals inside the bus with us. We were travelling to California to go fight forest fires. (I don’t remember him telling me that or how I knew that’s what we were doing), but I just knew. I remember seeing Jesus in the bus sitting down in a seat and I was looking at him. My parents tell me that I woke up from my coma and told them that we were on our way to California to fight forest fires, and that they kind of giggled. I fell back into a coma and three days later, California had caught on fire in all of the places in California that I told my parents, to which we were travelling.

This is my near death experience. I’m hoping I will be able to get some help working through what happened and help with maybe some clarity.