Mwila G.

After getting the result of the pap smear, I went to see my pastor. I was telling him, ‘Father I’m not going to die’. He answered ‘Who said you will die?’ I gave him the result. He was exhorting me and praying. I had to do the biopsy; I got the result of the biopsy on 12/31/2015, the day of the annual prayer vigil. During the vigil the pastor was exhorting before baptizing the year 2016, saying that in this year, everything can happen in your life, but not the worst, God is enjoying when he is doing good to you. The year 2016 was baptized ‘A year of divine consolation and of the great harvest’. On 01/01/2016 I started to feel faintness like I never had before, I called the doctor, he was giving me an appointment for the following day, and after this I had been calling the pastor who told me to come to the church for prayer before going to the hospital. On January 2, I left for the church, with my husband. The pastor started to exhort me before praying, saying,’ Doctor, the result that medicine showed is correct, but we believe in miracle. We have the power to change what science declares, help us to experience your miracle, remove science and take the teachings of the supernatural; we are preaching the supernatural of God.’ He had been talking about the resurrection of Lazarus and added, ‘we don’t know what lesson God wants to give us through this disease’. Then we went to the hospital, after several tests I was told that they have to operate on me in the morning.

On 01/03/2016 at 7:25 am, I was on the surgical table. At one moment during the surgical intervention, there was a song of our church in the Swahili language – ‘Mungu wa miujiza sita kuacha leo ni leo unibariki, Mungu wa Yakobo, usiku wala muchana…’ which means ‘ God of the miracle, I will never abandon you until you will bless me: God of Jacob, night or day – with very agreeable instruments and fine voices. Then suddenly the song stopped and I heard a noise of putting down the instruments, you would say that I was out of my body and I told myself that I got anesthetized, what happened and a voice told me, ‘No Germaine that’s not what it is, live your own experience’. Immediately, I found myself near the morgue, and facing it, there is a Catholic church. In the enclosure there was a friend physician, I call her and tell her ‘doctor, they said that I stopped, tell them what they have to do so that they can continue with the operation’. She would ask me ‘where?’ I pointed with my finger in the direction of the surgery room, showing her down there, she was answering, ‘they know by themselves what they have to do.’ I tell her ‘This is not what you are talking about; they have done that already, go tell them’. She said ‘If they did already then it’s over.’ I say to her ‘Then I become like those corpses that are at the morgue? No! When I looked towards my left I saw a city, you would say a field, and people that I don’t know. I continued to tell my doctor friend, ‘go tell them’ I called her she didn’t answer me anymore. I was hitting with my right hand my right thigh, ‘doctor and my children? Who will look after them? Go tell them’. I saw from afar that they went to bury somebody of our society, who had been dead for a long time in the grand avenue, and I said ‘that I become like this man that they are going to bury? No! He accepted to enter the coffin, not me.’

I don’t know how, I saw the whole city of Lubumbashi from above, there I started to see the place that I attended with my friend and everything that we talked, but I didn’t want to see that , and I was reading the thoughts of the people. I found myself at my church and stayed outside, and there was an extraordinary light. There I found four young people. Recognizing two of them I called one of them and sent him to go to the pastor’s office, but the young boy didn’t hear me, I was screaming ‘don’t you have ears to hear’, but you would say that he couldn’t see me. I started to scream ‘Father! Father! Don’t you hear my voice, father! For sure you have prayed for me’. No reply. I turned my back to the church and looked towards the sky, I invoked God, ‘Lord remember me, have pity of my daughter’. Absolute silence and I was exhausted, then I turned towards the church addressing the pastor, ‘that’s why you started this song, not to save us, but to bring us towards heaven, ok.’ I was rising in a cloud of flowers and found myself back at the surgery room, passed through the wall, and there I found my pastor and yelled ‘Father is there, no?’ Nobody paid any attention to me. My pastor said, ‘I told you that this woman must live, go back to work’. I saw my doctor (gynecologist and surgeon) leaving the surgery room through the door, and went back to where my body was, but I didn’t see this body.

Before leaving, the pastor was inveighing saying, ‘I repeat, this woman should not die’… then he left and the same song came back, they were singing and I was dancing in a hall of flowers, it ended, and was repeated for a long time. At a moment I started to talk:’ you look at me like this, don’t you feel ashamed, and you thought that I would die? No! I’m the daughter of the supernatural, I believe in miracle, I’m praying in the ministry of the Gospel for all, we have to bring the fourth message into the world, so come follow me.’ The surgeon got back to work, without knowing who ordered him, but I know. I don’t know at what moment, that I was walking in a dark city and couldn’t recognize the people I met.

The next morning in the recovery room, I had been telling things to the nurse, I was singing the same song and another one ‘You are God, you are God Jehovah, you are God, everybody is testifying that you are God… When I was installed in a room, I started to explain to everybody coming to visit, but most of them didn’t understand me, they thought it was the effects of anesthetic. I had asked somebody what had happened, as my husband was telling what I told, I thought that I was thinking it in me. That’s when the nurse told me that it was complicated, but let it be, the essential is that you are still alive. After that, I asked my doctor what happened, he said that I had been reanimated, and that they had stopped the operation for a time, and that the work had been quite laborious. That’s a bit of the story of my experience.