On October 1, my second daughter was born by C-section and everything went well. Fifteen days later, on October 16, I was sitting by my 2 daughters. My newbown was ready to sleep in my lap. I began to suffer a terrible headache that was so intense that I put the newborn into her cot beside the bed. The pain intensified and I could no longer breathe. I cried in pain and called for help. My mother came first and then my father. My father called the doctor and started to give me Reiki. My oldest daughter was sitting on the edge of the bed, and I cried to my mother to take the children with her.

My father conversed with me. I told him that I was looking at a very white light. He grabbed my hand and asked, ‘˜Do you want to go to the light?’ I covered my eyes, and told him that I didn’t want to go.

I was out of my body. I saw my mother while she was crying and looking after a baby in another room. I saw my eldest daughter who was with my mother in the bed. I saw my father calling the ambulance. I felt all the anguish that my family felt. I saw the ambulance as it arrived as they took me to the hospital and as I went into the emergency room. I saw the doctors as they said there was no pulse. I saw it all but nobody could hear me. Although I was in a coma, I saw how they came to see me. I saw my teenage brother when he arrived two days later, but he couldn’t hear me. I was there but I wasn’t in my body. I saw my husband. I was asking everyone about my children, yet nobody replied to me.

I had a brain bleed. Some days after the bleed, the doctors weren’t holding out any hope for me because they said I was brain dead. They didn’t want to operate on me because there was no hope. Yet, a doctor did operate on me.

It was months later. I was alive and I left the hospital. Meanwhile, my body was all there, my mind and spiritual body too. Yet, I wasn’t quite there. My spiritual body (I don’t know how to say it) – I went with my father and my husband on a trip to places that I know and places I don’t know. But at the moment of return, we were in a very cold place, we were wearing cold-weather gear, and gloves. I was dying of cold and asked them for a coffee. They embraced me and told me it was time to return. This was when I awoke from the coma. I saw my older brother, who had been with me, with a great big smile, calling the doctor. The Doctor arrived, and asked me ‘What is your name?’ I replied ‘Geo’ and my brother smiled.