Christine L.

I remember that I went to the toilet to be sick over the side of it. I only remember hearing the sounding of rustling, similar to a paper of crumpling sound. I did not realize the rustling sound was coming from me. I felt no pain. In fact, it was rather like falling asleep and hearing the noise through a bedroom window. The noise became quite loud, which is why I heard it. But then the noise became insignificant. I felt like I was in a peaceful and deep, slowly fading and extremely tranquil sleep. This was the deepest nicest sleep I have ever felt.

That realization was fading away and becoming smaller and smaller. I was still not aware that I had been ill or sick, but was just in the present. The fading away was so nice that I felt my lips smile, but that is all. I then heard two people arguing, a man and a woman. The man had a strong Scottish accent. I did not recognize the woman’s voice. My granddad said very angrily, ‘No she cannot come here. What are we supposed to tell her?’ then, ‘What the hell am I supposed to say?’ He was angry with the lady and the lady was interrupting him saying, ‘Why not, why not?’

Suddenly, I was literally thrown up from the ground onto my feet, when my leg immediately slumped. I collapsed into a sideways, sitting position. I could not see anything. I could not breath and was getting very labored trying to take air in and was making loud, wheezing noises. I was getting really uncomfortable and tired. I felt myself falling down the staircase sideways but still could not see. I leaned against the wall of the staircase, still trying to breathe. I then must have lost consciousness. I woke up at the bottom of the staircase and realized I could not get up. I open my mouth to shout for help as I though a passer by might hear. Instead, a garbled sound came out of my mouth. I then realized that I was starting to see a grey outline around everything. This was the start of my sight coming back. After about 30 minutes, I was able to sit, but my body starting jerking back and forth rhythmically. Eventually, I felt well enough to crawl over to the phone and call the doctor. The doctor said I had vomit in my hair and had choked on it due to the anaphylactic shock from my allergy. He also said that I was very lucky to be alive. I had almost died. I can now say in all truthfulness that if I had died, I would not have felt any pain or even realized that I was actually dying at the time.

I have since written a story that has real life near and after death accounts, including mine, intertwined through the fictitious character of the book. I hope that it will help others who are dying so they don’t fear death or think that loved ones who have died were feeling pain at the moment of death.

Check out the book HERE.