Angela G.

I was in the hot tub when I got dizzy. So I got out of the hot tub. There were five other women there. I reached for my pants and went into a dream while standing up.

I was in the presence of a beautiful woman. I felt happy to be with her. We were moving forward. The sky was a solid blue and the trees were green. I couldn’t see the trunks of the trees. We were moving toward the sun, which was a beautiful, bright, and warm light.

There was music in the background like from a speaker playing. I heard, the song, ‘Let’s hear it for the boys.’ We were happy and laughing. I heard something from behind us. I turned and heard my best friend saying my name. I turned to the woman and asked, ‘Why is Shelly looking for me?’ She turned towards me smiled.

I came back. My friends told me that I was unresponsive, they couldn’t feel my pulse, and my eyes were open the whole time.