Debbie C.

I was under anesthesia for laproscopy surgery. I remember being in what I can only describe as ‘the Universe.’ I did not feel like I was out of my body and I do not believe I was dreaming. I felt that I was with God and that God was conveying to me the meaning of the world, life, and the Universe. I could hear a sort of ‘tick’ tick’ ‘tick’ sound. I have not been able to understand what the sound was. I remember seeing what looked like a huge, hanging lego set with rectangle objects all fitting into place. During the experience I knew every answer about life and death. I knew God. I knew I had been giving the secrets of the Universe. I was told that I would remember the experience but I would not be able to remember the ‘secrets’.

To this day I still feel that I was in the presence of God and that I had been given all the answers to why we exist and what exists after. I just can’t remember what they were. Apart from this experience, which I think about a lot still to this day, I have had many out of body experiences. Usually they start with a ‘whirring’ noise and great pressure in the middle of my forehead. Then I am out of my body. It’s very real at the time. I usually get scared and come straight back into my body.