Derek L.

I was sitting in my Garage. As I stood up, I began to feel light headed. I sat down immediately but the feeling didn’t stop and I went unconscious.

I woke up in a place with a lot of light. The light was different than what we see in a normal room or sunlight. I heard voices. The voices I heard were my Mother who had passed away in February 1980, my grandmother who had passed away a few years prior, and my grandfather who passed away earlier in 2008 or 2007. They were shocked and said my name. Mom and grandma were asking if I was all right. I looked up from the floor. I was still lying on the floor as if I was brought there that way. Grandpa was coming towards me. He asked me ‘What about the kids?’ I told them ‘I’m o.k. I am getting up.’

When I stood up, I woke up lying on my garage floor. I had face-planted into the cement floor and split the skin over my right eye. When I stood up, the bleeding had already stopped. There was a small pool of blood on the floor, not a lot. Blood seemed to already be getting crusty on the right side of my right eye. My heart stopped on two other occasions. These times I was only out for a minute or less and had no other experience like the time in the garage. I believe I was not supposed to be there yet and was given the choice to return. I lost my Mother when I was 11 and my grandpa reminded me of the struggles I had growing up without a parent.