Debra H.

My first experience was that I was traveling at a very, very high speed through a narrow, dark tunnel. Somehow, I knew that I was free of my body. I was also free of the crushing depression and sadness I had always felt. It felt so wonderful! As I’m traveling through the tunnel, I became aware of a tiny bright spot ahead in the distance and slightly above me. The light got bigger and bigger, and I felt myself getting warmer and warmer. At some point, I became aware of an intense feeling of being loved. It was a feeling I had never, ever felt before. I was loved, adored, and cherished. As I continue down the tunnel, I feel like I am part of this love myself, like it is me and I am it. Then I was told or I had the very clear thought, “And it is ALWAYS there, it is ALWAYS there.” I also distinctly remember having the thought that no one religion on earth could possibly encompass this. The Love was so much bigger than anything humans could invent. Then I was told that I had to go back, so I turned around very reluctantly. I do remember not wanting to leave The Love. That was when I heard the phone rang from the motel office.

Moments after hanging up the phone, I realized that I had changed profoundly from this experience. I had no idea what had happened to me and I had never heard of an NDE. I just knew that I needed to pull myself together and live my life. In the years since then, I did just that. I joined the Navy, got an education, had a very fulfilling 32-year career as a court reporter, and recently retired. Although I always assumed that I’d marry and have a family, I remained a loner. I never did meet the right person to share my life with, although I have had several fulfilling romantic relationships; at this point I have lived alone for the past 23 years.

I voraciously look for books of other peoples’ NDEs. I am amazed and validated by the basic similarities of our experiences. I am so grateful for my experience. The experience saved my life, and it made me understand that there is a specific and important reason that we come to be human. Whether we incarnate on earth just once or, as I have come to believe, many, many times. I have never felt The Love since my NDE, but intellectually I know it’s there ALWAYS. That is enough for me. I have never been as depressed and sad in my life as before the NDE. I feel that my NDE has been the sole reason I have gone on to live a happy, fulfilling life with loving family and friends.