On December 13, 2012, I was preparing for Christmas. I was stressed, and it was when exiting a shop that the accident happened. I stepped into the crosswalk and started dashing across the street, when I was hit by a motor scooter. I have no memory of this at all, a total void. I know the facts only from the police report.

I was hit by this scooter and fell into a coma. It was at the intensive care unit that I saw myself leaving my body through the top of my head. I was looking at myself from about two meters above my hospital bed. I could see my body attached to a bunch of lines connected to some machines. I knew that it was me, but I was somebody else. It is difficult to explain, like a kind of doubling up. It was me without being me.

Then I saw my life scrolling past. I saw only very pleasant times and I passed by that very quickly. It was more like feeling than seeing. It was like a kind of teleportation at incredible speed. I think of where I was as a tunnel because it was round and everything was dark. I sensed that at the end there was a light that was immensely beautiful, filled with love and serenity. It was just a sensation but a very powerful one, like knowing there was a wonderful world at the end of the tunnel.

In a split second, I entered this light. Then I became this light of sparkling brightness. I saw the light, but I also was the light. I was a kind of energy filled with LOVE, PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE. I can access this powerful sensation even now. Whenever I try to speak about it, the feeling is overwhelming. I felt that I was surrounded by hierarchies of angels! They were sending me INFINITE LOVE, IMMENSE PROTECTION AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE. The LOVE was more powerful than anything I had ever felt before, even though I am a passionate sort of person. The angelic crowd became even larger. I sensed that there were great Spirits surrounding me and sending me their knowledge. The most powerful spirits were in the forefront. They were very ancient consciousnesses, who taught a kind of universal cabalistic knowledge. They taught me the divine and universal knowledge that I, an earthly human, was immensely important to them.

I realized that I was in another world. I asked them who they were.

There, time was very long. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather appeared on my right. I hardly knew them, as they had passed away when I was a child. But, there they were, holding hands! They sent me even more LOVE. It was ecstasy!

I asked them where my sister was. (My sister had committed suicide twenty-seven years ago.) They all left for a few moments and then reappeared. My great-grandparents let go of each other’s hands. Behind them and very far away, I saw a sparkling light with something like wings. I knew that this was my sister, even though I couldn’t exactly see her. All around her, there was the same love that I felt surrounding me.

She also was surrounded by a dark circle of angelic hierarchies. My great-grandparents told me that she had needed to go through this, but that now she was finally ready to come help members of her family. [[[I didn’t mean to make a paragraph here, but I can’t get it to go away.]]]] Then I grew immensely large with huge wings that starting to emerge from me. Like a phoenix, I was ready to fly away! This sensation was not only impressive but was extraordinary pleasant. Then these wings very rapidly retracted back into me. At that point I travelled all the way back to earth, into the ICU, and down I fell into the shell of my body.

I woke up in intensive care without knowing who I was and why I was there. Nearby there was an old man groaning. This is where my nightmare began, because certain members of the medical community were hostile to me. I learned later on, that this medical community had thought that my cranial trauma had been so serious that there would be no chance I could return to consciousness. They did not like to be proved wrong and took it out on me, telling me to just be quiet and more.

Today I realize that I had an extraordinary experience. Now I have this certitude—that death doesn’t exist because we when we leave this world, we go to a new world of love.

I feel that they made me come back because I still have things to do in this life. Today I’m thankful to them that they were there. I’m happy and I thank ‘heaven’ for bringing me so much JOY!

But there is another certitude— that the awareness of the French medical community has to be awakened, absolutely. They still consider me a “nut” when I talk about my experience. What I needed when I woke up from such an experience was somebody to listen to me. Not somebody to drug me with anti-depressants so as to prevent me from thinking about the experience. What I needed, they had no idea about.