1. Diane

Lying in my bed, drifting off to sleep I felt a light breeze go across me, from right to left. The handles on my dresser rattled on my left, I was awake then. Then my (deceased) father said “Diane, how many times have I told you to trust in the Lord”, then there was a rushing, rushing wind that passed over me from left to right.

2. Rosemary

(ADC with deceased dog)

I made the difficult decision to have Ellie put to sleep after she was diagnosed with a cancerous bladder tumor that was close to completely blocking her urinary tract.  She was beginning to suffer pain from it and was clearly not well.  She was 17 years old.  That night (or actually the following morning, as I had fallen back to sleep after being awake for awhile), she appeared suddenly in a dream, in which she leaped up onto the foot of the bed and came over to where I was (standing beside the head of the bed) – she was coal-black as in her younger years and full of energy, and she was so happy her whole body was wiggling.  I was so happy to see her and be with her, I just petted her and petted her.  The dream ended then.  It was overall very brief, which is extremely unusual for me, as my dreams tend to ramble endlessly from one strange scene to another.  This dream was vivid, brief and powerful, with a profound emotional context.  I believe this was a visitation from Ellie, because I honestly don’t think my subconscious could have produced such a joyful dream from the anguished state I was in at the time.  Plus, she looked and acted just as she had in her prime, and it had been quite some time since I had thought of her in that way.  Her fur was mostly gray or white when she passed, but was jet black in the dream, and she was wiggling like a pup.  My mother also dreamed about her that night, and in her dream she was also young, healthy and ecstatically happy.  The message in both dreams was the same – I’m fine, I’m happy, and I love my mom.  This has been a tremendous comfort to me.​

3. Nicolas

​I had moved to Philadelphia to pursue my Doctor of Education degree at Temple University.  I had recently separated from my wife, Sharon, and she and our two small children remain in New Haven, Connecticut.  In March, 1972 I was asleep in my house in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.  Sometime during the night I was dreaming of a fog enveloping me when suddenly Sharon appeared out of the fog and took me by my hand.  Thinking of a beach in Old Saybrook, Ct where we used to go, we began walking along the shore, hand in hand.  She told me that she loved me and knew that I lover her also.  She had some regrets but told me to move on with my life and that she would cherish our time together.  She let go of my hand and I returned to my dream.  Early the next morning I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who informed me that Sharon had a brain aneurysm and did not survive.  The doctors had performed successful surgery and expected her to be well.  However, she fell into a coma and never awoke.  Of course, I was devastated, but because of my experience I was at peace because we able to say our goodbyes.

4. Sue

​I have had 4 dreams where my son has visited me. I did not write these down and do not have dates when they occurred, unfortunately.

The first one was around 6 months after he passed. I was having a dream that didn’t have anything to do with him, I was at an outdoor carnival or concert, in a large parking lot. At a certain point in the dream, he came up from behind me and hugged me. He was around the age when he passed (22 years old). It was short, and I don’t remember getting a good look at him, but I knew it was him and felt the love.

The second dream he was probably around 8-10 years old and we were in our finished basement where he used to have his computer set up. This time I was facing him and again we hugged. The feeling of love was immense.

The third dream I was in another room and heard my deceased son talking to my other son about a science project he had done. In the dream I couldn’t really hear the words he was saying, but I knew he was talking. He wasn’t trying to tell me anything. I just remember coming into the room he was in and hugging him.

The fourth dream I was in the basement of my childhood home with my 3 other children, playing pool or something, and I saw my son sitting up on top of a ledge or some sort of cabinet, around the height of my eyes. I walked over to him, he reached down, and we clasped hands, interlocking our fingers. This was the strongest feeling of love I have felt and the feeling stayed with me for a couple of weeks.

It’s really hard to explain these experiences. They were definitely different than any other dreams that I’ve had throughout my life. The first dream or two made me sad when I woke up and realized that he indeed was not physically with me anymore. But as the dreams continued, and I had the fourth one, the sadness was less strong upon waking, and the wonderful, inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of love was much stronger so that it stayed with me for quite a while.

5. KLS​

In my dream, my friend who died two years ago visited me (this is the first time in my whole life I am seeing her in my dream. We were childhood friends and grew up together). We were talking casually and she was trying to reach her brother using her mobile. She told me that she wanted to wish her brother for his special day but she cannot get through. So, I tried dialing his number for her and then gave it to her. Dream ended. When I woke I realized that my friend was not alive and I felt that I was given a message to communicate to her brother. I sent an email to her brother (very recently I got his contacts) and asked him if there was any special day as his sister passed on her wishes. He wrote to me back saying that exactly in one week after I had the dream it was his wedding anniversary. I am glad that I communicated the given message.

6. Karla

I had another dream with Denise in, previous to this dream and other spiritual experiences, but last night the dream I had with Denise in seemed extremely real and life like. I can still feel her touch on me.

It started with me opening the door to an old, broken down house. I went inside and it was the same house as in my last dream with Denise in. It was dark and dirty in the house with all broken, old furniture, the same as in the last dream, too. Denise was standing in the middle of the dark room as I opened the front door and she was wearing the same clothes as in my last dream of her. She had on a cropped summer blouse which tied at the belly button and and a pair of jeans. She was stood there looking at me smiling and I called out to her and shouted, ‘Denise, it’s you !’ I was smiling and feeling elated and I ran into her open arms and we hugged and kissed. She was healthy and well and she told me she was enjoying her new life and was well now and not for me to worry and for me to be happy and not upset, because she was fine and was around me. She told me she was with her son, Timothy. She didn’t have her nervous ticks. Then we looked around the house and she said we used to live there one time. It was full of old, scruffy, dirty furniture and it was in the dark still.

Then Denise took me to a room she said was hers and she picked up this cardboard box, which was spotless and I could see it clearly as I could see Denise clearly. Denise opened the cardboard box, which was as big as a box of chocolates, and in it there were envelopes, cards and photos, lots of them. We were kneeling on the floor and Denise spread them out in a line and then she said,’ Look, I got these for you lot, they are for you all.’ Then she pointed to one of them and said it was a card for one of my sisters’ she had put away and that my sister had not been given it.

Then we stood up and Denise and I were hugging and kissing tightly and I didn’t want to let go, we were both smiling and joyous. I was asking her to stay with me and that I missed her, but she said she had to go and that I would see her again, but she had been resting and recovering and would come again to see me. She told me that she is always with me and not to worry and get upset and to enjoy my life. She was extremely compassionate and caring, she was always like that in life, but now it seems to emanate from her and there seemed some extreme wisdom and serenity to her compassion. She said she was well now and her old self, but that the new life is Love and Compassion. Then she led me to the front door, all the time hugging and kissing me and smiling. I could feel her touch and kisses. I went to the door and it opened and it was daylight outside. I turned to Denise, but she couldn’t go outside the door. After that I was sort of floating and seeing places, flats, etc and Denise said,’ These were places you have lived’ to me as I floated pass them. I only heard Denise’s voice then, she wasn’t with me. Then I came to a bungalow and the dream ended. I live in a bungalow now. The bungalow wasn’t mine though.

I woke up and I could feel and sense that Denise had been with me and I had hugged and kissed her. It felt extremely real and I felt tearful but joyous all day and I could feel Denise’s love and compassion, as if it was healing me. I feel a sense of contentment and coming to terms with Denise’s loss now. All day I have felt like someone is touching me.

7. Andrea

He had been hospitalized for a while, around two weeks. My parents gave us little information on his condition (I.e. the reason for his hospitalization, his improvement/deterioration, etc) but we went to visit every day. He asked my mother to spend the night there so he wouldn’t be lonely, but I had school so I was not allowed. That night I dreamt of him. We were on the porch swing at his house, eating plums from the tree in his backyard, and he was telling me stories about my dad and his son (my “uncle”) when they were little and how they were always in trouble. After awhile he pulled me in close and gave me a big hug and a smile, said “Gotta go, sis,” got up off the swing, and walked away. When I woke up, mom was at home crying on the couch; She then told us he’d died overnight.

8. Cheryl

My Uncle Joe had just died.  He was only 40, and I was devastated by the news.  One night while I slept, I dreamed that I was in the cemetery with my mother and my sister.  My grandmother’s grave was open.  My sister walked over to the grave and looked in.  As she was walking back to where I stood with my mom, I started toward the grave.  My sister told me not to go.  “You don’t want to look,” she said.  I kept walking.  When I looked into the grave, my grandmother was sitting on some kind of cot.  She was young and beautiful.  She looked up at me and said, “Don’t you worry about your Uncle Joe.  He’s with us now, and he’s happy.”

9. Karen

I saw my dad in my dream.  He was my age and in great health. I was at a get together at my husband’s cousin’s home.  He was there and I spoke to him. I told him how great he looked. I also told him that it had been so long since I had seen him.  He hugged me tightly. I don’t remember him talking to me then.  For some reason I took a shower in my dream, and he left the house.  He then called me and told me that he was at the beach.  He is buried by the ocean.  He also loved the beach and took us there often when I was growing up.  He talked to me over the phone, when I must have started talking aloud in my sleep.

10. Verne

(ADC from son telling him he was dead, and before he knew his son had died).

I went to bed about 11:00 pm. The next thing I knew I heard a voice saying ‘dad, dad!’ When I looked up I saw Sean standing at the right side of the head board. I asked him him how he got into my apartment and said you usually call before leaving. Sean said, ‘I was wrecked.’ I responded ‘bad?’  He said, ‘I died.’ I notice my clock said 1:20 am. All day I was wonder what happened to him. At about 10:00 am On the 4 of Sept. the Syracuse police told me that Sean had died and to call the Wilmington police for the details.

11. Yvonne​

one night I had a dream that my father was sitting in a purple flowered love sofa in a white room no one around just me and him. I was standing next to the right armrest having such a nice conversation.. He looked younger he had his favorite cowboy red stripe shirt and ray bans on. I remember him smiling and nodding his head but for some reason when I woke up I couldn’t remember the conversation I had with him. That morning I got up got ready for work confused and mad that I couldn’t remember our conversation why would he be nodding his head? My husband usually goes to bed way after I do and wakes up later. I was at work trying to remember everything about that conversation but I couldn’t. Then my husband calls to see if everything was ok and I said yes he then said you were acting strange last night. He then continue to say that I kept on saying ” please take me with you” take me to that place ” then my husband said he was trying to ask me where do you want me to take you? I kept on saying ” ok I’ll do my work here and then when I’m done with it, will you come for me? And he said I had a huge smile that just scared him.

I then understood the dream I couldn’t remember because he probably told me what I had to do here on earth and the nodding of the head must have been him saying he couldn’t take me now. It’s been 2 yrs since he is not here and I miss him dearly.. I am comforted by his visitations and signs. Can’t wait to see him again.


My grandmother had been sick for several years before she passed with tuberculosis and then later lung cancer.

My dream starts that I am shopping in a clothing store and am looking for something on one of those round clothing racks. The store is very crowded with these racks and as I am rounding the rack I see my grandmother sitting there in her wheelchair watching me.  I am very excited and say “Grandma, your here! I notice she is holding my baby brother in her lap. She appears to be alive but my brother is wrapped in blankets and not moving. She notices me noticing him and I ask her “Did you bring him?”

She says ” Yes, Yes, but we don’t have much time.” I nod at her as if I understand completely and begin pushing the chair to a less crowded area of the store.  There we sit hidden by the circular clothes rack and I take my brother from her lap.  She sitting there watching me with a loving smile on her face. I hold my brother and smell him and that sweet baby smell.  I remember the blankets he was wrapped in were white with baby blue stripes around the edges that overlapped on the corners but I can’t really remember seeing him.  I see my grandmother very plain.  She is dressed in a navy blue dress very simple style. Her hair is darker then I remembered it in life but the same style. I remember her skin being very pale and her lipstick very red.  I remember her smile and I remember thinking that this must be very hard on her because she seemed tired.

We sat there for what seemed like a long time with my brother in my lap and me holding her hand.  I remember thinking it strange that she didn’t feel cold to me. We didn’t talk but it was like we knew each others thoughts and she would grin at me and even laughed. Then she said it was time to go and I stood up and placed my brother back in her lap.  I leaned over the chair and hugged her from behind and I remember her patting my arm.  Then I am behind her and pushing the chair again when I jerk awake. I am out of breath as if the wind has been knocked from me.

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