When I was six years old, my neighbor took me to Sunday school at church. I could not understand what the teacher was saying because she had a heavy accent and I did not know how to read yet. But the brightly colored learning material caught my attention. I remembered in class that when I turned around and I saw Jesus’ portrait, I felt in awe of his authority. Suddently, this became part of my big secret to know ‘He is my God.’ I knew he never left me, but often times I totally forgot about him. I got baptized when I was 16 years old and realized there was nothing on Earth that could be compared to God.

My NDE happened in 1973. I lost consciouness as a result of carbon-monoxide poison while I was taking a shower in the bathroom. The reason was a lack of oxygen in the gas-cyclinder tank. There was only partial combustion as the gas leaked into the shower room. (Note: it is common in Taiwan to have an indoor gas device to heat water for bathing.) I was dead for about 10 minutes.

Immediately after I died, I found myself in a pitch-black dark space and perceived myself with no body. I also felt like I lost the ability to grab objects. I was only an atom. I could move slowly and I could also speed up, flying lightning fast. I was able to slide over the treetops or glide across the mountains and the earth in the dark. I descended down, near the ground. Intuitively, I knew that I did not need to wear glasses with my sharpened vision. I could differentiate trees and dirt with no restriction. My consciousness is aligned with actions in the spiritual world. I kept floating around, up in the air for a while until I felt weary. Flying became extremely heavy and tiring. As I wanted to sit down, I realized that I had no arms, legs, or the whole body. Therefore, I could not even feel the ground.

I thought, ‘Where am I?’ All of a sudden, a transcendent idea appeared in my mind, ‘I have a God.’ Simultaneously,Jesus emerged in the light and quickly walked toward me. Immediately, I noticed that he had arms and legs, unlike me without a body. I stared at him, noticing his face was sincerely serious without a smile. He was about 7 feet tall. He wore a long, white robe that was down to his feet and long sleeves covered his hands. His hair was thick, black, and the length an inch under the ears. He had a comtemporary hair style. In addition to his short and bushy eyebrows shaped like a line, he was long-faced. Overall, He looked like a modern person. While I was gazing at him, I thought, ‘Why doesn’t he smile at me or talk to me?’ He waved his left hand, gesturing me to come forward. As I was ready to go toward him, He read my mind. Then he turned around at once, and the light surrounded him went off. Promptly, I saw an illuminated window that I interpreted as the window of the soul. A powerful thought arose in my mind, ‘This is my home.’ As I thought about going back to my body, I was back in my body instantly.

I still remember every details of my NDE and how I felt when I came back to Earth; it was like entering into a dense object. Praise the Lord Jesus, he had saved me!