Sergei S.

After high school, I went to work in a coal mine in Chukotka, Russia. [Chukotka is a province in Russia that is furthest East and North, actually in the Western Hemisphere, located along the Bering Strait.] In the coal mine there was a lot of dust from the rock and a lot of heavy lifting and pulling things around. I worked with mining shovels for 6 hours a day. After six months, I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure of 185 over 110, angina, headaches, and spasms in my legs and arms. Four months later, even after strong doses of medicine, there was no improvement in my health, and I could still get up out of bed only with difficulty.

I was lying in bed one day. Suddenly, I understood that this was the end for me. It was as if my consciousness was moving down a slippery hill and I was unable to grab hold of anything. Then as if I were in a whirlpool, I was sucked out through the top of my head. There was a click, like fingers snapping. Then I found myself in a different space. I was lying down, feeling like I was in my own body and still breathing. But the air was clean, without any type of gas or smog in it. It was like after a rain when breathing is easy and pleasant. Around me there were little white stars, like snowflakes in a fairytale. My surroundings seemed like a room with no visible walls, yet definitely an enclosed space.

I had a strong sense of being in a welcoming place of peace. On my left, there was a woman with brown eyes and a ponytail. Her hair was the same color as her eyes. She was wearing a sweater and a blue leotard with tights. I remembered the color of the leotard because it was such a totally earthly image. She looked at me and said, ‘Look into my eyes.’ I looked into her eyes and suddenly beams or threads of energy shot from my eyes into hers. As soon as they touched, the scene changed. I shut down and opened my eyes in the hospital bed.

No more than a few minutes had passed. I felt such lightness, like a weight had been lifted from me. I also felt that I was now completely healthy and there was no soreness anywhere. My head didn’t hurt. I sprang out of bed like a ten to fourteen year old! I went around telling everyone, ‘I suddenly got better and it just took a minute.’ I had this feeling for the next three days, like I wanted to run and be happy.

But I started smoking again, out of habit. My health immediately went downhill. The heaviness came back down on me like lead, and the miraculous healing went away. Everything started to hurt again, and there was no more of that lightness. With time it became a little easier. I became used to the heaviness and tiredness. They put me on disability. Nothing like it ever happened to me again.

I don’t know what it was. It could have been astral projection. Or maybe it was a welcoming department for the next world, with someone meeting me at the threshold and turning me back. To me it means that ‘they’ know who is going to die and when, and they meet us. It was very interesting, but I know that dying is usually a very unpleasant process. I’d like to find out about everything that happens in that next world.