Elias K.

I had tried the drug ketamine for the first time at a party at university. Following this, I went back to my dorm.

About half an hour to an hour after taking the drug, I suddenly left my body with no control. I began to feel like I was being attacked by dark entities and was terrified. Then an immense familiar light appeared which I recognized to be my true nature. All darkness disappeared and my terror was replaced by shame for finding myself in such a sick internal state while in the presence of such pure light. The canvas of reality as I knew it was lifted and the material world was transcended. I began to witness my life from start to finish with the best and worst moments being highlighted to me. I was shown that as a young teen, I was on the correct path with pure intentions but then I began to live for the wrong reasons and a hedonistic lifestyle. I also felt the anguish of an old friend who I had betrayed in the past. I was told I would become ill if I did not change my ways and that there was too much hatred in my heart for my fellow man. Eventually I was asked if I wanted to return. I was desperate for the experience to end and said ‘Yes.’ I was informed life would be extremely hard upon my return but I said that I would work things out, just as long as I could return. Then just as suddenly, I dropped back into my body and found my thoughts racing at a thousand miles per hour. It was as if Universal Knowledge was pouring into my mind at an incredible rate and I tried desperately to regain control of my brain because I felt it was imperative to my sanity that this should stop as soon as possible. Once over, my brain felt fried and I was emotionally shaken to my core.

Since then I have felt extremely emotionally unstable, physically stressed and life has been very hard to contend with, as promised. The truth is, I was already in a bad mental state going into the experience, but this worsened tenfold following the NDE.