George M.

I was on a travel vacation with four friends. I was age 17 and on our way to Spain. We crammed five people into a VW beetle. It was hot and we were squished in the vehicle.

In France, I started to feel sick during the drive. A friend dug out some older pills, and I swallowed some. A little later, they say the pills are completely wrong, even too old. I progressively go feeling sicker. We stopped on a country road where I vomited on the roadside. I was feeling worse. Then I started running uneasily and aimlessly in the nearby grain field. In panic and shaky from fear, I fell down, lost consciousness and collapsed.

I immediately left my body. A heavenly calm starts around me. All pain is gone. The movie of my life is running very fast, but very detailed in front of me. All the persons that I once met showed up and waved kindly to me. From above and approximately 10 meters away, I see my body lying in the cornfield. In the meantime, my friends found my body and were standing around helpless. They were making sorrowful and pejorative statements. I’m watching the scene from above in the distance. At the same time, I saw a bright mystical white light, which is drawing me closer as if by magic. This light was not the sun, which was also shining. The sun was yellowish and unimportant in front of the white light. The white light seemed like a big disk that was multiple times bigger than the sun, but also much closer. In the white light, I assume that there is eternal calm and heavenly peace. I am ready to go there. I want to dive into and merge with this light. In the distance, I hear myself murmuring to my friends, ‘Leave me here, everything is okay. Just continue your journey.’ In that space, I had unlimited understanding.

My friends picked me up and were carrying me, against my will, to the nearest hospital. On the way there, I was semi-unconscious. I was dragged into the hospital where they gave me a shot. Then I went to sleep. Although foggy-brained, I hear other patients coughing terribly. Have I been in a chest clinic? The next morning I awaken. Then my friends and I continue our journey towards Spain.