‚ÄčI was in the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding internally, and signs of blood poisoning were present. On the way to the operating room, after having an injection to settle me down, I ask for a Pastor, but was turned down. But it was all right, because I had made up my mind that if I were to die, so be it.

“Into Your Hands I place my life.” I said to the Lord. On the operating table, the nurses told me to count from 1-10. On the count of 5, instead of continuing to count, I started to pray the “Our Father.” I did not finish it, because I was drawn into a black, and somewhat greasy, tunnel.

It was pitch-dark in the tunnel, and I felt like I was floating for a while. As I floated through the tunnel, I noticed that my abdominal pain was starting to go away. I saw a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. I felt nice, and the thought of being dead no longer bothered me. Near the end of the tunnel, I felt I was being pulled faster towards the light.

Faces of people who had died – some whom I recognized and some whom I did not – were shouting “NO, Go back.. Go back.. Go back!!” After that, I heard murmuring sounds.

At the end of the tunnel, I found myself in the middle of all the those people. I felt nice, I had no more pain, no more worries and plenty of warmth. My Daddy was also there. We were happy to see each other, but there were troubling whispers around. Almost everyone was saying, “NO!” There was a bad vibration in the air.

The bright light had slowly transformed into a figure dressed in a white robe. Everybody became silent as the figure came towards me. The face of the figure was very bright, smiling and calm. I could even feel its warmth. The figure was not very tall – but was of average height and weight – and was neither a man nor a woman. I asked “Are you God? or Jesus?” I received a smiling response – “Evelyn, not yet…go back.. go back.” I said that I wanted to stay with my father. I was told, with a shaking of the head, “Evelyn, Evelyn …not yet …you have to go back.” The other people who were around said, “Ah/Oh!” and they smiled. I kept insisting on staying. But the figure said firmly, still with a smile, “Evelyn, you have to go back!”

I felt I was being suctioned back into the tunnel, and the pain started to return. Somebody pulled my hands, and I was out of the tunnel! I was back in the operating room, aware of the pain again. I felt like I tried to get up to leave. I noticed the nurses pressing/pumping my chest. I saw myself as “the body on the table.” Still outside of my body, I tried to pull the nurses away, and I was telling them to stop because it hurt. However, they seemed unaware of my doing anything. Then one of them said, “She’s breathing! She’s back!” And, as I found myself on the table, I felt and heard myself breathe.