During the car accident, I can remember feeling and sensing my body rolling with the car. I remember flying through the air and landing softly on the ground. The whole time I felt like I was watching a movie. After I landed on the ground, I remember thinking that I should scream, so I screamed a slow, calm scream. I remember being in intensive care before the surgery, and a man of the cloth (that’s all I know – there was no face, just a presence) took my hand and told me I would be all right after the surgery. When he took my hand, energy passed from him to me. I could feel it go through my whole body. I wouldn’t let go of his hand, so he gently pried my hand off of his.

The next thing I knew, I was passing through a tunnel towards a very peaceful and beautiful bright light. I was met by moving forms that were pure energy. It was such a beautiful, loving place. I remember loving it there, and feeling astounded by the love that I was receiving. I reviewed my life, and I did the judging. I went back to when I was about 2 years old. I know I was given all types of information, but now I don’t remember just what it was. But sometimes, I just know things and I don’t know how I know them…almost as if I have an additional sense.

I had no choice but to return; I didn’t want to and I begged to stay. I was told that I had much to do before I could return.

When I came back, there was an angel (a glowing bright light) at the foot of my bed; and it stayed there as I recovered. As my health improved, the light faded and became more distant.

I was very upset that I had to come back. In fact, I thought it was because I was such an awful person that even God did not want me.

I told no one of this experience until I was in my 30’s, after seeing an interview with James Moody.