In a nutshell, I overdosed on a drug I thought was thc, but was actually PCP cut with rat poison. I was at a party I threw for my friends because I intended to leave town and try to heal myself from what I found out later to be clinical depression.

I asked God for help after I realized my soul separated from my body and a light being came to me to help me. This being knew everything about me and offered to help me remember who I am.

This being helped me to remember how to travel in the spirit world. We went to Egypt where I was shown the past and present existing as one. After Egypt, we went around the planet and came to the United States. Along the way I saw special places on the planet that were integral to the planet’s energies. I understood how the thoughts and deeds of humans affected the energies of the planet. I was shown spirit who were lost, and spirit who were trying to help them to the light. I was shown auras of humans, and our planet itself and was explained their purpose. We went to the moon and I was explained it’s purpose. I saw the earth’s aura from the moon. I was told our planet was actually named “Gaia”. I went to a place I believe was Gaia in the beginning.

We then went to a star I picked and I wanted to enter it but was advised against it because the being I was with wanted me to be fully ready before I entered. On the way to the star, we passed all of the planets in our solar system. I saw spirit life on each planet and was told each one was where different aspects of spirit evolution occur.

I met with a really awesome light being I understood to be Jesus. He took me into him and all I remember him saying was:

Tell them to love one another. After I was with that one being, I saw all of the planets in full color in sound, all lined up. I could hear their energies, feel and see their auras.

After that, my escort being took me to a place in the shadow of Gaia. This a great spirit city which was a service center of sorts for souls. I saw souls of what were humans and animals going to and from Gaia. I was taken to a building where I met spirit there who knew me, asked how I was doing on Gaia and gave me loving advice I do not remember. I was then taken to a large building, which was huge and special. I recognized the building.

I was asked to wait on a bench while my escort went through a set of double doors. I remembered the bench and the double doors from before too. After a bit, my escort came out and told me I had to go inside. He cautioned me to be truthful with the group of beings inside and not to worry. I went inside and saw a group of being I recognized. These beings showed me my life from the time I picked my parents until the time I died. They asked me if I had affected more souls positively or more negatively. I told them negatively, but I did think about lying to them because I knew my future depended on my answer. I wanted to stay in the place I was because of the love I felt there. It felt right, like I was home.

Of course, the beings knew my thoughts. I was told I could stay if I wanted, but my commitment would still need to be fulfilled, no matter what I chose to do. They reminded me that if I stayed, my growing would occur slower and I might want to go back to Gaia so I could finish sooner. I tried to argue my point, but it was no use. I was told to leave the room.

My escort being met me outside of the room and asked me what happened. I told him and he advised I should make a careful decision. He took me to a garden place and left me alone to think. I asked him to come back so I could ask questions. I asked him how my life would be if I went back, and he showed me several things I would do. He explained the importance of the children I was needed to bring to Gaia, and singled out one of them as integral to the future of Gaia.

After all I was shown, I decided my thoughts were selfish and not in the best interest of the universe itself, and agreed I should return to Gaia. My escort being took me to a river, touched me on what would be by lips, and said if I jumped into the river, I would find my way back to my body. I jumped in, and came back here.

There is much more to this story, this is why I am writing a book about it. I highly recommend reading the profile of my experience at the near-death.com website, because it does tell the story better.

(David Oakford’s book, Soul Bared can be found on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Bared-Metaphysical-David-Oakford/dp/1413723071