I was at the end of my monthly period. It had just finished and I went to take a shower. My head was very dizzy, so much so that whenever I closed my eyes I felt like I am spinning. Without saying any thing to the family I went into a room which was cold and dark and slept on a tall pillow. I felt my hands and legs are getting colder. I was unable to lift my hands or call someone and felt like something heavy is on my chest. Until I felt that someone is squeezing my head hard, like two big weights are squashing my head. I was unable to free myself and could hear very loud sounds in my ears so much that I felt my head is about to explode. The sounds didn’t come from outside and were hard to bear.

Suddenly I felt I am traveling with a very high speed up into a tunnel that had orange and yellow color. At the end of the tunnel there was a white light. As I ascended through the tunnel, my speed kept increasing and I could hear a sound. After all these years I can still remember that sound which raises the hair on my skin from the fear. It sounded something like a clock ticking. The faster I travelled, the louder the sound became. I was feeling utter loneliness, the feeling that I won’t see my parents anymore and everything ended so easily. Fear that I don’t know where I am going. I asked God with my whole existence to please return me. I felt I was thrown back into my body but came back to consciousness gradually and sat up.

I dragged myself to the kitchen and drunk some water and started to feel better. I could not sleep shot my eyes for three nights from the fear. I could not even talk about it. After a few years I read about NDEs in a magazine and got scared when I realized I had gone to the edge of dying. After that some stuff were happening to me, but it was not NDE, it was harassment from some entities.