When I was 5 years old, I went out of the house to play. There was a ditch there, that I fell into, but while I was falling, the edge of the hole hit my belly hard. I didn’t feel anything; I just saw darkness. My uncle noticed what happened and rushed to the street and carried me back to the home. I could sense all that was happening but I could not open my eyes and only could hear the sounds. All the family were in distress and worried and some were crying. As soon as my uncle laid me down on the floor (at home), my soul left my body. I could see myself lying down on the ground with very pale look and my family and relatives had gathered around me. I could not hear their voices anymore and time was passing very slowly. I was also looking at the light bulbs from the ceiling level and their light seemed much brighter. Interestingly I used to have weak vision in life but here I could see everything clearly without glasses. My uncle was trying to resuscitate me and gave me mouth-to-mouth. After a few seconds, I felt that I was pulled down very hard to my body from the top. I even passed through my uncle’s body. I got up. Even though I was very little, the image and memory of those moments are clear in my mind. That moment was very pleasant and beautiful and I am willing to experience that again. Now I feel that I have the responsibility to share that memory with others.