I was in intensive care. I had about eight tubes in my body, including a feeding tube through my nose and something to help me breathe.

Before the experience, I had problems breathing and dreamed that I was in a swimming pool and gasping for air. I could not swim to the surface and felt like I was suffocating. Then a thought entered my mind that I should find the stairs to get out of the pool. I found them, climbed and climbed until I suddenly found some air.

At one point, I saw very intense colors. The color red was too intense. so I decided to focus on one of the white walls of the small area I was in. It was not a real room. Soon thereafter, I saw a most beautiful blue color. It was comparable to the sky of a nice day in Georgia during the fall or spring, when there is no humidity. The blue was a gorgeous and awesome color. The entire area I was in became blue.

Then I left my body. I do not remember going through a tunnel; it all happened quickly. I did experience a most exquisite light. It was not hard to the eyes and it was a very special light unlike what we see here on earth. It was vastly peaceful and gracious. The peacefulness is what I remember most. At one point, I was above my house and saw my husband and daughter at the sink. I wanted to be with them, especially my daughter. A voice, neither male nor female, asked me if I wanted to go back. I wanted to go back.

Then, I was woken up by the voice of a nurse. She said to me, ‘Be still, you just underwent expansive surgery and it is important that you do not move’ or something to that extent. It is not a verbatim quote. I touched my abdomen and felt a large scar and then I knew.

As of today, I like to take pictures of the sky, wherever I travel. I still like rainbows; we often take pictures when we see it or stop to look at it.