I was 26 years old and highly stressed at calling off the wedding, which was a month away. On June 26, 1992 after work, I went to my mother’s house for dinner. I had a seizure of some kind and went unconscious for a few minutes.

I observed my body lying on the floor and saw many people trying to awaken me. I saw people throwing buckets of water on top of my body while trying to stop my convulsions. They tried to adjust me by dragging my body while trying to get me on my feet. I lost control of my bowels while on the floor. My father brought me to the emergency room. I saw my body going into the emergency room while a doctor placed something into my arm. I WAS HOVERING AND HAPPY. I WAS FOLLOWING MY BODY AND WAS FINE. I HAD NO PAINS. I WAS CONTENTED, DETACHED FROM MY BODY, AND DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK. But fate wanted me to come back. Suddenly, like ebbing, whirling water and sounds, I was drawn back by my body. I was back and strong pains begun everywhere. I started feeling sick and since then to this date, I have become an epileptic patient. Yet I only remember this one seizure. This was the only time I had this beautiful sensation and I have never wanted to think about it again today. I remember it perfectly and I tell it now.