Ginette M.

Born to an unmarried mother, she left me in care of my grandparents. They loved me, but she didn’t. Grandfather had died. I missed him. I remained with grandmother. We became very poor.

Some time later, I fell sick and lay in bed. I was almost unconscious. In the afternoon, suddenly my body levitated out of bed and went painfully through a narrow channel on the top left corner of grandmother’s bedroom. I reached a place where words escape me to describe. There was strong light, like if I were bathing in sun rays and a physical well being. If you pardon my example, like an orgasmic feeling of every cell in my body.

But suddenly I fell back in bed, almost roughly, as I felt rejected. I jumped and jumped up on the mattress, trying to go back were I just came from. No success. Tired with my efforts, I ran out of bed to the kitchen where grandmother was surprised to see me up. She was explaining to a neighbor that the doctor said I wouldn’t survive the fever. I ate a good meal and ran out to play with my friends. Grandmother couldn’t believe I was cured.

I never mentioned this experience to anybody, until in my fifties. I read the same thing happened to others.