Raina R.

I had an emergency surgery for endometriosis with infection and hemorrhage. I got a hysterectomy. Following the operation, I was in a coma and placed in the recovery room under the supervision of two nurses. I had moments of consciousness, but I couldn’t talk nor communicate. I heard some noises in the nurses room. Then I smelled a strong smell of fresh paint.

I was sleeping. Then I heard the nurses enter my room and they opened the window. I felt much cold and a was in a great void.

Suddenly, I found myself above my body. I was floating in the air. The sensation was so pleasant. I felt good and had no pain. I could see a group of people from my height. There were two women and one or two men, who were desperately doing massage on me. I saw the device connected to my heart with the flat red line and the ringing of the alarm.

I lost the notion of time, and woke up while painfully reintegrating my physical body and it’s pain.

I returned to life.