Gwen SP

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(Probable NDE told by the person having the experience, Gwen S-P. She was British, but born in China in 1893 and it happened in Hong Kong in 1930).

I seemed to be standing on a brink of a vast outer world unseen because the whole of your being was focused on a Great, White, Steady All-curing and embracing Light that I felt a wondrous Love emanating from it. I longed to jump into the Light but was not allowed. Instead it spoke to me, ‘YOU are a being in which a spirit lives, bound to the earth, which has to rise through your feelings to God.’ I was shown the purpose of life, the reason for suffering and was told I had a purpose to perform before I could pass on. I must return to earth for childbirth. I was then taken to a Second Place. There seemed to be a preparing Place or lesser Heaven, embedded behind the Light. I could hear the voices of the Spirits who had gone before. My Mother’s voice was one of those voices. She spoke to the Light, begging it to explain about the purpose of the Preparing or Resting Place. She begged for the end of all family quarrels and unkindness’s.

Then I was shown a wondrous thing. I saw people who had been allowed to dive into the Light and as they passed through, they seemed to give off many lesser lights or Spirits: this was the rebirth of their spirit children from their kind or unkind deeds on earth. It seemed as if the person broke apart and yet I knew the person was still whole and that only the power of their deeds would break apart. It was explained that kindly actions give larger spiritual energy to the new mortals while unkindness resulted in lesser spiritual force.

The conclusion I reached was that I needed to lead a life of love and kindly deeds on this earth. I would receive more energy that is spiritual, for those I love and help. It is by Love that I can reach the spiritual heights, because God is the greatest and purest Love.

After a child is born, one cannot affect the Spirit Atom of the child. The Spirit Atom is the soul sent straight from God. I was told that our children’s spirits are not part of ours because they are of our flesh. Their spirits are the result of some other soul that has gone on to be re-birthed from its own Spiritual Atoms.

Although I was told my purpose for coming back, I still longed to die. I kept half-recovering from the anesthetic and then sinking back into unconsciousness again. But the angels and Spirits that had ‘passed over’ surrounded me. I had a descending feeling of being followed by unseen hosts and they kept on saying ‘Go back and see your baby. Just go back and see your baby first.’

Just as I had finished writing, The doctor came into my room. I gave him my writings and asked him to read them.

A few days later Gwen’s temperature went up again and her pains seemed to be getting worse. She had another examination under anesthetic. This was then followed by a final operation to prevent the possibility of more children.