Javier G.

The underground train crashed. It was dark inside the earthly tunnel. The twisted metal compressed some human bodies and decapitated others. Huge rats were attracted by so many mutilated bodies, blood and dirt. The rescuers moved slowly, having no choice but to step on bodies of dead people, knowing they could do nothing for them. I heard someone comment that this was ethically wrong, but they also knew that deeper into the depth of the tunnel that had a single way in and out, were other people who could still survive and needed help. The rescuers had to get to the survivors. The whole scene was unworthy and disgusting, but entirely worthy of those rescuers. It was reported that when a flashlight or tool was dropped to the floor, there was no way to recover them; they were absorbed by darkness, dust, debris, glass, and metals. Following the sudden impact, I lost the notion of time, location, and everything else, including life itself. I felt that I ‘ascended’ into space and was being ‘absorbed.’ I floated upwards into a space where it was all white and peaceful. It was not shiny white like the sun reflecting on the snow, or like the white of clean bed sheets. It was a different whiteness. I was floating in the air and suspended in a vacuum. I was very happy while looking at the relaxing whiteness around me. I felt attracted to the whiteness, like through magnetism. I was being pulled gently up and absorbed slowly. I let myself go up, ever deeper into the whiteness and was eager to continue. I looked around me and everything was marvelous, calm, attractive, and inviting. There was no sound. The place radiated peace and was full of positive sensations. There was no sharp brilliance, walls, oceans, trees or buildings, or people there. Everything was a uniform white color; very relaxing, clean and pure. I did not see anyone, but I knew I was not alone. There was no solitude as I felt I was in good company. It was as if I were a child attracted by a sweet; that ‘whiteness’ attracted me. I continued to let myself go. I was getting closer and closer to the white. I did not know where I was, nor why I was there, or where I was going. The magnificent whiteness continued to attract me and I was pleased with it ‘absorbing’ me as I realized that it was never-ending and an eternal pleasure. I cannot say how long the heavenly experience lasted. But in an instant, I felt that I was descending and falling into an un-ending depth. I turned up in another place, that was very hot, full of loud screams, and it was like being tortured. This place was horrible, unpleasant, extremely scary, and totally dark. I did not want to be there as this place was absorbing me downward. I wanted to repel that fall and get away from that attraction. It was a torture for me and I could do nothing to stop being swallowed downwards. It was like when a child sees a lion and he gets scared and does not want to get any closer, but wants to ‘run away’ in the opposite direction. I was terrified. I do not remember any smells, not even a smell of sulfur. That does not mean that there was no smell, just that I do not remember any. I had been unconscious, ‘dead?’ I do not have any other additional earthly memories, from the moment of the impact of the train against the end of the tunnel and having seen the face of the woman sitting opposite me. She was a woman that I might have met sometime. She might have been an ‘angel’ that with his presence, might have wanted to give me a message. She died in the accident.

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