I know I was half asleep, I had my eyes slightly opened but I still felt them heavy, I heard my mom’s voice, she was having a conversation, I think with my dad, I usually heard them speaking to one another in the mornings. I tried to listen to her talking, she sounded like her calm self, I just felt so happy I wanted to jump out of bed so damn quickly because I thought I would see her, but as I did get up to put my slippers on, her voice was completely gone. I sat on my bed for a moment, I said “thank you mama, I heard you and I feel happy that you came by, I love you!” And that was it. My mom has communicated with me several times already through strange electrical stuff, but today was the very first time I clearly heard her talking. I have dreams about her too, and they are usually wonderful, only one time it was not good, she was in that ugly hospital. I write down these things so I will never forget, minus the ugly dream.