Radoslava E.

All my experience started one year ago, when my dad passed away after he was diagnosed with the chest cancer. I have different experience as I was watching or feeling it from other side that as we call it death. On the day of the funeral, I could not get it into my head, why everybody is crying. As i knew that this is part of our journey. But after all this I could feel that I am part of him, house is part of him, that he is all around with the big calm presence and smile, that all is fine.

He passed away at his age of 64, never interested into any spirituality or religion. I know he was living of fear of illnesses and death. Maybe anger or something else, he never speak of. But I feel, he was never ready to leave. He was shoving his presence with the broken water in the house or a smoke in the middle of leaving room.

One month after his funeral my granddad passed away, too. At the age of 84. And he was really traditional catholic all his life. His funeral was very peaceful.

After few months I experienced tiredness and pressure on my chest. One night my sleep was disturbed by my granddad. He approached to me, his hand stretched closed to me as he reached my dad to fade him out of me. He said to my dad: Martin it was enough. His voice was strict but without anger. It was like a scene in Ghost with Patrick Swayze. They where both kind of white smoke.

I am still looking for an answer as what this meant, why he had chosen me, is there something for me to learn, what should I do with this information. This topics are not really for wide public, so can’t speak to anyone about it. But coincidence brought me a book from Anita Moorjany and the contact for you, so here I am with my story.

Maybe I find my answer here.