Jeremie L.

I was on the surgery table and so my eyes were closed, and I was in the state of general anesthesia.

I had a moment of expulsion out of my body, where I found myself floating in the air, and the pleasure of being able to see everything that happened around me; the discussions of the doctors, and life without me. After a short time, I saw a kind of tunnel of absolute whiteness, full of Love and joy. I entered into this tunnel and at the end I saw my grandparents and my uncle who died when he was in his twenties. I only knew my grandfather; it was happiness for me to know that they were fine. They asked me to join them in order to experience this moment eternally. I accepted immediately. As soon as I said, ‘Yes,’ a silhouette that strongly resembled Mary said to me, ‘It’s not your time, look’. She showed me my father on the way to see me, my mother starting to feel anxious as a doctor went to meet her and my sister. She then told me, ‘It’s not your time, please you have to go back down there, and then, I will give you something that you inherited’. At these words, I said good-bye to my relatives, quite sad to leave them, and the angel Gabriel took me down to earth.

At this moment, I suffered much pain as I had taken back my body that made me suffer. When I woke up, I was in intensive care and had bags of ice on my cheek. After a long time, a nurse ‘transferred’ me to her fellow stretch bearer to take me to my room where my mother was waiting for me.

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