I had knee surgery, where the doctors replaced a small knee insert with a complete part. The operation took five hours and I was under a general anesthesia. The day after the operation, I developed a high temperature and then the experience occurred. I knew I was dying but also realised that the frantic activity of the nursing staff somewhere in the background could bring me back.

Have you ever seen a murmuration of starlings? Watch I felt like one of the starlings, but they weren’t starlings in the video. But rather than starlings, they were every living creature including humans. There I was. We danced and flew in the air just like the starlings in the video. Joy, tremendous joy and happiness, coursed through us as we sang and chanted a great hymn together. I was so happy that I felt I wanted to burst! We flew together in this amazing dance towards a great opening that looked like an atomic reactor cooler on its side.

The Light was so intense as it streamed out of the tube towards us. It filled me again and again with longing to go inside the great opening. I thought, ‘I am a child of this light’. We all headed towards it, sometimes slowly and sometimes frantically, dancing and singing with a joy that only a mega-win on the lottery would bring. The Light filled us all. For not only was I filled with this peace and joy but so was every other creature. I knew that; and they knew that I too, was in that state. A ‘shared state of existence’ is not adequate to describe it. We were each other; there was no ground and no air, only space. We flew in great, whirling spirals of cloud. The sound of our hymn rang out out across the world as sad people across the globe looked up and wondered.

I was about to enter into the light when I felt a nurse put a ice pack on my head and start up the fan. Then I was back once more in the hospital room. The intense joy ebbed away slowly during the night, but enough remains still to sustain me in those bad black hours of the night when the pain is at its most intense. I KNOW I will return to the Light.