Laurent C.

I was in Paris, France. In February 2008, during a motorcycle accident a car hit my stomach fracturing my liver, spleen and solar plexus. The fire brigade arrived and took me to the hospital. I suffered for three hours before they made an x-ray of my lungs. The nurse wanted me to stand upright for the x-ray. At the time, it was impossible for me to speak because I was exhausted and short of breath. I refused as I couldn’t move. The Nurse insisted I cooperate. So I tried to get up, but when I I got to the front of the machine she asked me, ‘Sir? Are you okay?’ In the time it took to answer ‘No!’ I was gone.

I was far away in a white, luminous, infinite, and peaceful immensity. It was as if I were floating. I was serene and omniscient. I never felt as happy as during that moment!

I don’t know how long this interlude took. It finished with an old nurse on top of my body who was slapping me, saying ‘Sir, wake up!’ She was above me with a deep concern that you could see on her face.

The return to ‘reality’ has been a nasty disappointment. I was better of over there. I’m reconnecting trying to reconcile the accident, the pain, my parents, and my job trying to find out what’s wrong with me.

On my return, my breathing had become normal again. I wasn’t trembling anymore. I didn’t feel an inner coldness anymore. I no longer felt like I was in a state of shock.

I returned to the serenity that for me it remained until not long ago.

Recently, this summer with friends we talked about our misadventures and motorcycle accidents. I told them my story in detail with the bad and happy memories that this experience left me with.

Dumbfounded, they finally asked me if I knew about NDEs and their symptoms. I answered ‘no’ and am myself dumbfounded to discover what I finally experienced. But I do think that my NDE was very light and short, as I do not have all the details described in more incredible stories.

The memory of this moment that I passed ‘somewhere else’ is still hyper- present and significant in my daily life. Since that time, I sense ‘things’ that didn’t manifest before like sensations, intuitions, and a little interior voice to which I tend to easier listen to. Furthermore I lost three people that have been particularly dear to me, and today I have the feeling to have them permanently very close near me.

I don’t take drugs; I don’t consult psychics or esoteric gurus. I don’t read the horoscope of the ‘Parisien’ (newspaper). But since some time I have the feeling, even the conviction, tainted with some fear of a ‘dimension’ concerning ‘the afterwards’.