I was having my third and last child. I went in the office for the pre-operation consultation. The baby’s heartbeat was racing and I had a fever with elevated blood pressure. So an early C-section was to be done. This would be my third C-section, so I was familiar with how surgery proceeds. I was ready for my epidural and was hooked up to the blood pressure machine and other monitoring. The needle was placed in my spine with no issues. The anesthesiologist administered the drug into the spinal line. I slowly became numb from the chest down. Since having my other two children by C-section, with epidurals, and no issues, I did not expect anything weird to happen with this one. The anesthesiologist was at the head of my bed and my husband was standing next to me in the bed.

We were talking and then very suddenly I was in the corner of the hospital room looking down on myself. I could not hear what was being said or what they were doing, but I could say my husband was next to a couch by the window and looking as white as a ghost. I was aware that there was a presence on both sides of me but they did not say anything. It seemed like a few minutes that I watched. But in reality, as I found out later, it was more like a minute or less. As suddenly as I left my body, I was back into my body.

I was disoriented. When I opened, my eyes there were nurses around my bed and the anesthesiologist was doing something in a large case of some kind. I asked my husband, why did you leave me? He said the nurse pushed him away from the bed and the nurses started taking vitals. I asked what happened, and was told that I had an allergic reaction to a drug they had given me. This reaction caused me to lose blood pressure and pass out. It was a very brief event and I didn’t rise above anywhere else except that room. The experience is as clear today as it was back then.