Mandy B.

I was asleep. I was in a dream state, but very aware and felt awake. In the dream, my mother (adoptive) came to me and soda….’I am dying’ she had been ill for some time with motor neuron disease and her death was not an unexpected event to come at any time. In fact almost wished for it to end her suffering. She then told me she felt scared and afraid of dying and she also felt that she could not leave without saying goodbye to me. She was lying on a hospital bed , which was odd as she was actually at home.

Next to her bed was a grey ghost like, scary figure. I knew at once he was the Angel of death. She was afraid to go with him and I was also a bit afraid. Suddenly, I felt behind me, a large angel. Now, I don’t see angel this way, I see them as normal people, like beings, but this angel was like a typical drawing or Christmas tree angel, with a flowing white robe, blonde hair and glitter. Huge wings. He stood behind me so I could not see his face, but I felt his face….I knew how he felt as a being! He told me it was ok. I was to help my mother go and it would be fine. I’m told my mother this ….she calmed down and then a hole opened up behind her, of golden light. It was the most amazing light and feeling ever. There are no words to explain how love feels. It was beautiful. She went and I went back. I woke up immediately. I was very thirsty. It was around four am. The next morning my father called me to say my mother had passed the prior night between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I told him the story of my dream. He didn’t really believe me though Hamah. It’s affected me deeply and I felt very peaceful knowing ,y mo was safe and I a loving space like that. I have asked many people, why the angel of death was so scary but no answers yet ……so I just hope she went to a wonderful space like the love I felt…….