Paul S.

My experience started shortly after my beloved Tracy’s Memorial Service. She took her life on 04/13/2015, but we didn’t discover her body until 04/30/2015. We held her service in early May and one week later my numerous experiences started happening.

The first one occurred in mid May. It was late evening approximately 9:30 pm. I remember being very sad and decided to watch a movie to take my mind off the grief I was experiencing so I turned off the lights and sat on the couch in my family room and clicked the TV on. It immediately clicked off, so I again turned the TV on and once again it turned off. I laughed and said out loud ‘Tracy is that you ?.’ I said if it’s you do it again, so I proceeded to turn the TV on and once again it shut off. I said to her ‘one more time’. Same result. Finally I said okay I know it’s you so stop playing. I again turned it on, but this time it stayed on. I could feel her presence with me. The sensation I feel when she’s with me is like goose bumps coupled with the hair standing up on my arms. I call it ‘zaps” because I also feel her energy rushing through my body. It was the most wonderful sensation. I sat up and talked to her all night long experiencing that wonderful sensation. I told her I was leaving for New York the following day and wanted her to stay with me.

The following day I had the most extraordinary of all. As I previously explained I had to catch a flight to New York to attend a family function and invited her along. I had a 95 mile drive to the airport and could feel a very strong presence with me. It was even more intense than the night before. At times I felt as though I was electrically charged. It was very intense. Jokingly I said to her if the flights full she would have to sit on my lap. Well the flight wasn’t full and I left the isle seat vacant for her. Once we were airborne I said to her I’m going to read a book so put your head on my shoulder and be close to me. the Flight Attendant informed us we were on our final approach and be sure our tray tables we up. I did that and looked at my left shoulder and saw a long platinum blonde hair resting there. It was her hair color.

I’ve had numerous experiences since, but will share two more.

Since her passing I’ve immersed myself in reading about the afterlife, survival of consciousness, mediumship, ADC’s, etc. I had just finished reading two books written by renowned medium Patrick Matthews and decided to schedule a reading. As the day drew closer for the scheduled reading I became very apprehensive and felt as though I was reaching for straws so to speak. Well I said to Tracy ‘I think I did the dumbest thing in the world by scheduling this because I know it’s not going to work, but I spent $375 for a thirty minute reading so you better be there just in case it does.’ Well the day arrived and the reading started. The first thing he says is ‘Paul, she’s laughing and wants me to tell you IT WORKS!’. She also put my mind at ease by telling me not to worry because she made it to Heaven. This was a large concern for me due to my Catholic upbringing. I was taught that suicide was the ultimate sin in Gods eyes. She said suicides are different and certain suicides are not held accountable due to a mental illness. This gave me peace. The reading was euphoric for me and right on. The medium knew nothing about me or her prior to the reading.

The last experience I’d like to share happened on November 19, 2015. I nearly November I was reading about ADC’s online and jokingly said Tracy send me a butterfly or a rainbow. Well within a week my rainbow came on 11/19/15. What’s the odds of a rainbow in Wisconsin late November ?

I’ve had many others. She is always doing something to please me and to assure me that she’s happy in her new world. Her greatest gift is her continued presence, which gives me much joy and contentment.

These occurrences have done wonders for my faith. I guess it’s no longer faith. It’s knowing. Knowing there is life after death and we are all here to grow spiritually.