In the year of 1995, I was living in Costa Rica with the father of my children. We weren’t in a good situation. I believe I over came this stage and the accident made me what I now am, as with any experience in life. I lost many fears.

We had a very serious accident in a car. The vehicle did not brake and crashed into my window. It caused us to fly four metres. At this moment, my survival instinct kicked in, along with my knowledge about crashes. I pulled the seat belt to the maximum that I could. There was a fraction of a second in which my life was saved. In the impact of the crash, I felt my hip go through the roof. My hand was protecting my head. My hip, hand, and head, suffered the impact in that sequence and with the same intensity.

Next, I saw what looked like doors of steel, like a mandala that opened before my eyes. I looked more closely, and they weren’t made of steel but of pure energy. I found myself in a place where everything was light and information. Never had I been so totally loved. I realized that I was part of this light. I asked, ‘Where am I?’ I didn’t realize that I had made a sound. Some one, at my side, answered in a very bad way.

At that moment, I returned to the source. As an artist and sculptor, I found it strange that there was no horizon. I remained there a long while, until I heard a voice that had a Peruvian accent. I spoke to him with instructions to call my sister to warn my children. I knew that through the scene of the accident they were sure that I wasn’t there. My children had recently learned that I was in an accident, and they still could not get me out of the car.

After all this, I was sitting in the light for a long period of time. I heard metallic noises. They were cutting through the car to retrieve me. I couldn’t see anything. I felt the brace that they put under my head to make me immobile while extracting me from the car. Once in the ambulance, I knew that I was dying. I heard the voice of a paramedic saying to the two others, ‘I should stay with her, you two should go to the husband and make sure that he closes his mouth.’ My husband, at the time, was very frightened and reacting badly. This happened whenever I collapsed from low blood pressure. I have always had this condition, especially as a child. My blood pressure would fluctuate like the hummingbird, between dying or to returning. I don’t remember how this paramedic stabilized me. I remember nothing more. When I awoke in the clinic, the light around me dissolved into the atmosphere. I knew that this light is that which unites the whole World. It was Love and information. Even now, I sometimes raise my eyes to heaven and I can see fragments of the light and it soothes me.

I had a broken hipbone. My right hand was totally smashed with injuries that looked like the bone was coming through the surface. Fortunately, the muscles that made up my hand stayed beneath the bones. For the doctor, the most worrying thing was my hip and that they couldn’t stop the blood from clotting. When I left the clinic, I was on anti-coagulants medication for 15 days.

The doctor told me that I would be in bed for two months and it would take me another month to learn to walk again. My mother, on hearing that I was in an accident, flew to be with me. I asked the nurse to bring me a wheelchair, so my mother wouldn’t know how badly I was hurt. The nurse would not let me do this.

Then I returned to Peru and began seeking information. Needless to say, it was generally due to my great imagination as an artist and Anita Moorjani’s book that has been very therapeutic.

In 1996, I resumed recording my dreams and writing them down. I also began drawing again. I read a large amount of Joseph Campbell at this time. Finding in those pages, frequent similar themes and names, that I had given to a sculpture. I thought that I had experienced universal myths that were within the human brain. He called the people Nomads of every ethnicity.

Then began the search to verify what had happened to me, where had I been? Someone showed me an account of a man that had this experience of death. It was like Anita’s experience with cancer. The nurse cared for and showed kindness to him. When they declared him as dead, she took him to the morgue. This man had no family so nobody came to claim him. The nurse went back the next day to dress him. She was shocked to see he was alive and that he was also cured! I have tried again to find this information, but I have lost it, this account indicated several different states of living for this gentleman. During his stay in what I call the source, he used similar names that are themes that I used, like ‘He Himself’, ‘Logos’, ‘Anamnesis.’ He described the light like the endless river.

I experienced the river, where it took me and several others. At the time I was immersed in this light, they filled me with information in images, which came to me unconsciously. I felt there only remained threads in my hands. My hope resides in the Emptiness. I knew I wouldn’t find anything in a full room, and that I would have to leap into the emptiness.

Currently, I am going through another new change. I am moving to the Peruvian jungle to do art work, but along the way I became involved with ecology, I always advocate for life because if the standards of ecology fall, money won’t help at all. Values are changing, money is only a medium to connect with another. Money is one more tool and not the primary value. Then the book ‘Biology and the belief and the change of beliefs’ by Bruce Lipton, came into my possession. This along with Tom Campbell, who is a quantum physicist, has given me the certainty of this. As always, being very perceptive, I feel the need to make this scientific. Thanks to these two scientists in Physics and Biology, both arrived at the same conclusion, without having to have experienced any situation like the one that I had. One thousand thank you’s to Anita Moorjani for writing her book.