Mark P.

I went through a season of being extremely sick after the loss of a job and followed by the death of my Father. I couldn’t function to even drive my car across town. I had severe hypoglycemia. It was so bad at night that while I was sleeping I would pass out in my sleep and wake up from adrenaline jolting into my system. To combat this, I tried to keep food by the bed to snack on during the night, but I was severely weakened and nothing was really helping my condition. I had seen many doctors during this period and they all claimed that I was perfectly fine. They had failed to check my hormone levels, which were very low. I barely had enough cortisol to get me through the day. Anyways . . .

I actually had some strange occurrences during this season as well as two NDEs.

The night leading up to what I believe was my first NDE was preceded by an experience where I a was feeling so weak I couldn’t even think. I was laying awake in my bed. It was like two dimensions were merging. I was looking into another place that was not my room, but it was before me in front of my eyes. Yet, I was still in my bed. What I was looking at were my two dogs from early childhood. My parents had got two husky pups, named Kag and Lace, when I was a year old. I grew up with Kag and Lace. We lived in the country. Everywhere I would explore, my dogs would be with me. Somewhere around age five Lace had gotten hit by a car. I wasn’t really upset because I was still very young and didn’t fully grasp death. Kag and I became inseparable. When I was 12 years old, I was having a sleep over at one of my friend’s houses. It was a summer evening and my mom and dad stopped by to tell me that Kag had died. My dad had found her in a field dead. She had been poisoned. I was numb. I decided to not go home but stayed the night regardless.

That quiet starry night, I laid in the bed with my friend next to me, as I cried. I tried to cry silently. This was my first real experience with loss and deep sadness. I tried to be silent, but I couldn’t catch my breath and quick sniffles woke my friend up. I recall him saying, ‘Why are you crying? It’s just a dog.’ We were young, and I realized in that moment he didn’t understand, and I didn’t hold that against him.

Fast forward to 2014. On this night, I laid in my bed looking into this other realm. This place had a glow, a soft vivid glow and there was Kag and Lace looking right at me. This soon faded, and I finally went to sleep. I fell into a deep dark sleep. Sometime in the night, I found myself standing before the God. It was a light that was brighter than the sun, and it was in all directions like a blinding ocean of light. It was like looking up at the sun, but then looking away, I was looking at the sky. I couldn’t look away from this, because in every direction I looked, this light and love was in all directions. I was naked and open before it becaise there was nothing hidden. I was so happy, and yet so terrified at the same time. Before this love, I was empty, and like a bottle it began to fill me and overwhelm me.

I was then shown my wife back on Earth. She was so sad that she couldn’t carry on. Even though I was not with her, I felt more connection to her then I ever did on Earth. It was a tether of compassion beyond explanation. I felt everything on a level of deepness that I can’t describe. I knew I had to go back, and I woke up back in my body.

It was early morning. This whole experience was overwhelming to me. As empathy was radiating through me, I went to the bathroom, shut the door, and wept. What was odd about this experience, was I saw my wife sitting in a car that she didn’t own. She was sitting in the driver’s seat, parked, and looking lost and lonely. In my natural state back in my body, I thought, ‘That’s silly we don’t have a car like that.’ Shortly after this, my wife’s out-of-state friend moved to another country and gave her the car that I had seen her in during the NDE.

In my second NDE experience, I was having severe hypoglycemic attacks again. This night, I dropped to a point of shock. I jumped up out of my body and began to walk across the room. A voice spoke to me. It was not audible in the way you would hear it with your ears, it was more like energy going right into my mind. It was just as real as any audible voice you would hear with your ears. This voice was stern and powerful, yet loving. The voice said to me, ‘Fear not, it’s not your time.’ I found myself back in my body and in the bed. As I lay there awake, I began to see in an open vision in front of my eyes, myself in the 1960s. I also saw some other people that I don’t know who they are at this time, but they had to do with my path.

I’m much better today physically and I no longer have these hypoglycemic episodes like I once did.